Hello everyone,

We are glad to finally announce all the new features, changes, improvements and more within this season of Lucky Skyblock! Everything will be outlined below!

Before we dive into the details of the reset, please note the following date and time of the launch of Lucky Skyblock (Season Two):

Lucky Skyblock (Season Two) releases June 6th at...
3 PM EST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM GMT

For any other timezones, type "3 PM EST" into Google, and the appropriate time will be displayed based on your location.

Reset Details
The following information contains the basic server details for our upcoming season. To see the new features, keep scrolling until you see the "New Features and Changes" section.

What is not being reset?
  • Ranks
  • Purchased Commands & Perks
  • Kits
  • Cosmetics
  • Items purchased two weeks before the server closed
Island Top
This season we’ll be doing the same rewards, but switching them from bi-weekly to weekly! These rewards will be...
10 Feb
Lucky Skyblock Chapter 2 Vyzon
Hello everyone,

I'm glad to finally announce that the server will be resetting on Saturday the 15th of February at 3:00 PM EST! As you all know last season was our first attempt at a 1.12 server and it was very buggy. This season we have fixed all of the 1.12 issues we know of and have added some things you all have asked for and more...

⚙ Changes
Here are some of the important changes we have made:
  • New spawn & pvp arena
  • Added a help area for new players
  • New shop system and items
  • Improved the donator shop
  • Added custom fishing rewards
  • Reworked kits plugin
  • Reworked daily quests
  • Added bounties
  • Reworked custom enchantments
  • Added global and personal boosters
  • Added condense wands
  • Removed the mining world
  • Reworked auction house
  • Reworked crates
  • Added bosses
  • Improved server store (/buy)
  • Improved lucky blocks and super lucky blocks.
  • Vote party now gives you a random key instead of a package
  • Reworked the titles plugin
  • Improved the discord bot (account unlinking and role syncing)
  • Reworked the coinflip and jackpot
  • Reworked the supply drops
  • And much more...
🏆 Island Top Rewards
Island top payouts have changed this season! We are going to try offering a paypal prize to the #1 island and payouts will be bi-weekly meaning every 2 weeks until we announce an ending!
  • ...
13 Jan
New Year, New Website, New Gamemode Vyzon
Hello everyone,

I would like to welcome you all to our new website! We are very excited for this year and have some big plans for the server.

You may have noticed the thread title says "New Gamemode", well that's right! We are finally going to be expanding from skyblock by adding a lucky block Prison server. We do not have a teaser or anything yet, but we have been hard at work on it so keep an eye out for a teaser or announcement!

I would also like to apologize for all of the bugs this season of Skyblock. This was our first time attempting a switch from 1.8.8 to 1.12 so there have been a few frustrating bugs that we cannot figure out yet, and I'm sorry for that. Next season we are hoping to resolve all of these issues and if not we will switch back to 1.8.8 to provide the best Skyblock experience.

Other than that we would like to know what you would like to see on the server and what you don't like about the server. We want to make the server as fun as possible for everyone! I will be looking through all of the replies and replying to all feedback!

Thank you all for the support the last few years! We are looking forward to this year!

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