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Pvp Tournament March 2019

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Hello everyone,

It’s that time! Let’s get the first event going. The event is going to be a pvp tournament bracket style. The fights will take place when both fighters are able to fight each-other as well as myself or another staff member can watch the fight. The fighters will be given a specific kit. The kit will be as follows, Diamond Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Leggings, and Diamond Boots will all have Protection 4 and Unbreaking 3, a Diamond Sword with Sharpness 5, Fire Aspect 2, Unbreaking 3, a Bow with Power 5 Unbreaking 3, 32 Arrows, and 5 Notch Apples. To enter the event please message me (@Brody) with the following format. Any other format will not be accepted so as to make my entering you into my datasheet easier. I will respond with, “You have been entered {name} under the time zone {timezone}.” If you do not receive this message within 24 hours please resend the format.

Time Zone:
Pvp Experience: Low - Medium - High (SELECT ONE)
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