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Pvp Bracket Event 1 day ago
Hello everyone,
It’s that time! Let’s get the first event going. The event is going to be a pvp tournament bracket style. The fights will take place when both fighters are able to fight each-other as well as myself or another staff member can watch the fight. The fighters will be given a specific kit. See below for information on the kit. To enter the event please message me (@Brody#1533) with the following format. Any other format will not be accepted so as to make my entering you into my datasheet easier. I will respond with, “You have been entered {name} under the time zone {timezone}.” If you do not receive this message within 24 hours please resend the format.

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Server Reset about 1 month ago
Hello Islanders!

I would like to welcome you all to our new website! You will be able to sign up in game by typing /register (email). Over the weeks we will be adding more things to the website, but for now it will do!

Anyway, let's get on to the juicy stuff...

What has been changed?
One thing I've really focused on this reset is quality. I've gone over configs and made changes to try and make the map last longer. I put together a list below of some things that I've changed. There may be some things I missed or things that will still be adde...

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