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Hello Lucky Islanders,

I'm proud to finally announce that we plan on releasing spirit later today (Saturday). There will be many updates on the spirit realm. We also plan on resetting prime very soon so we can keep the server fresh!

Hey Lucky players,

We're thrilled that you're loving the new Prime; your reaction has been incredible and we're on a fantastic path. We apologise for the delay in the weekly update, the features weren't perfected yet and it is not our way of providing a half-arsed game for you guys to enjoy. We have certainly gone through some bumps and bruises on the path but thanks to the work of @System for taking up the mantle whilst @Config and I were doing our exams.

This week we have some absolutely brilliant additions to add to the Prime realm. A long-awaited feature has finally arrived after weeks in development.

We understood that the default island range of 100 by 100 was too restrictive, you could barely breathe - especially with the spawn islands (spoilers!). In the next reboot, we're launching island expansions. These expansions follow the following prices:
  • 150 by 150: $5,000,000
  • 200 by 200: $10,000,000
  • 250 by 250: $15,000,000
  • 300 by 300: $10 - only on the store.
  • 350 by 350: $20 - only on the store.
  • 400 by 400: $30 - only on the store.
  • 450 by 450: $50 - only on the store.
To unlock these expansions, type /is cp and click on the redstone repeater in the bottom-right. 300 by 300 and upwards is only available via /buy. The investment will truly provide a profitable return.


We have also taken the liberty of introducing auctions - these are a great way to earn money by trading, selling and buying items directly from other players. These auctions last up to 48 hours and you can auction 3 items by default. We have something special in-mind for those amazing donators.
  • Air: Auction...
Edit: Its live!

Woo! It's finally time for some good news. We've been able to confirm that the server will release on Saturday at 2 PM EST! We've got lots of youtubers recording from now on and we'll be kicking the server off with a bang!

The realm now has a lot more features that weren't originally planned, you guys'll be able to see them when you get on the server!

We've also gave all users access to an Easter kit! This kit is only here for a limited time, so use it whilst you can! If you want permanent access to the kit, you can buy it on our store. We've also decided to add a limited edition Easter crate, so you can buy that while you can too!

Hope to see you at launch tomorrow! :)
Hey guys,
We're delaying the Prime reset has been delayed for at least a day, and at most 5 or 6 days. This is because we have a lot more cool features to bring you guys and we aren't wanting to rush it.

The server will now release sometime this week, keep looking at this post for more information.

Prime reset has been delayed for at least a day and at most 5 or 6 days. We'll be using this time to make the server perfect. We've already got a few youtubers confirmed for later this week. We may still launch tomorrow if all goes well.
Prime reset has been delayed for at least a day and at most 5 or 6 days. We'll be using this time to make the server perfect. We've already got a few youtubers confirmed for later this week. We may still launch tomorrow if all goes well.

Thought it was time for me to finally address the recent issues that have been occurring on both realms, and what I'm doing to fix it.

The server is dead, and that's putting it lightly.

The Spirit release went great, there were no issues, the features were there, and it was great - but a lot of new servers launched and a lot of people left or took a break to play them, which I understand as the server wasn't being updated and there weren't any YouTubers advertising it.

As for Prime, it's dead because of the bugs and issues that we had on launch. I'm not happy with how Prime has been doing the last few days and to combat this I've decided to reset it. I know it's not good to reset this early in to the server, but I know it's also for the best and that a lot of players will support it. I'm now on Easter break, and honestly I plan on doing daily updates throughout the next 2 weeks to both servers.

I will be hiring ten YouTubers for each realm, to advertise over the next 3 weeks. This should hopefully bring us up to 200 players average on each realm, which would be great. The whole point of the reset is to bring Prime to the same level as Spirit, which will mean I can update both servers with ease.

Prime Reset
The information on the reset is all listed below. It's basically everything that was included on the Spirit release and will allow easier updating of both realms.

If you bought something on Prime, anything, you will get it back no matter what it was. You will receive it as soon as you log on to the server.

Prime is resetting on Saturday, 8th of April at 3 PM EST.

Spring is here! It's time to get your dusters out... and your building skills! Today I am announcing the first build competition on Lucky Skyblock. You have to create the best spring themed build on your island. It could be anything from a spring themed mob grinder to something such as pixel art! Be creative. You can collaborate with other players, however, only one person will receive the reward. I can split your prize as well.

The prizes are as follows:
1st Place: $20 Store Coupon
2nd Place: $10 Store Coupon
3rd Place: Legendary Key Coupon

Entries will close on 3 April 2017. To enter, copy and paste the code below and fill it in as a reply to this thread. You can create your build on any of our realms.
Minecraft Name(s)?
What is the creation?
Screenshots or Video or Island/Server:
Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck everybody!
Hey guys,
Sorry for the late notice. We'll be doing maintenance for the next hour or two to prepare things for the Spirit release tomorrow.

I'll keep you updated.

UPDATE: This maintenance has since been completed

This announcement is for the new realm that I've been getting a lot of questions about. Before I begin, the Prime realm will remain up and will be updated consistently throughout the next few weeks.

Each realm will be reset every 2 or 3 months, with each reset updating the realm and making it more enjoyable for you guys. Please note that when a realm resets, everyone will get their items that they purchased on the store back along with ranks. Prime realm is not resetting or going anywhere, however there will be large updates coming to Prime in the next few days, probably tomorrow.

Anyway, let's get ahead and get the information on the Spirit realm!

This realm is basically us correcting everything we did wrong at Prime realm. We've took your feedback and suggestions and compiled them in to a feature list that is as good as Prime. Both realms have similar features and will continue to do so.

The realm is releasing on Saturday, 18th of March at 3 PM EST.
Please note that I may be changing the time a little depending on how soon we can get this done by, but it'll be Saturday for sure.
It'll be a good launch, hopefully with the YouTuber streaming release. We'll have a maximum of 300 slots on the realm, with donators being able to bypass the slot limit, similar to Prime. We'll also be launching a new hub setup at this time.
Ranks will be different on this realm, however staff ranks are global.

Feature List
As I mentioned earlier, the features are based off of what you guys suggested to us. We'll be working extremely hard to push all the features on this list to Prime too, however some won't be able to come due to the explicit reason that it'd require a reset.
  • Implementation of Legendary Items
    • These items will be available on all realms. They are cool, custom items that look amazing. They can be purchased...
Hey everyone! Sorry it took so long for me to get this post out, the update was planned last night however due to a slight issue with something else server-related, that was priority. Anyway, this update consists of a few new features. :cool:

There'll also be a post out tomorrow or on Tuesday regarding the lucky block update! We know that they're basically useless and we're working to make them better, that sort of ties in with this update too.

Like Signs
This was a feature requested by some users in-game and a few on the forums. Like signs are a way to show appreciation towards a specific island, whether you like their builds, cobble generator, or admire their redstone skills.

It's simple, you create a like sign by putting [Like] on the first line of a sign, simple as that! Here's what it'll look like.

When people visit your island, they can just right click the sign to like it! It's that easy. You can try beat your friend's island and see who gets more likes, give it a go. ;)

It's finally here! Lots of players have been asking for this since it was first announced, and I've finally just got around to adding it.

Coinflips work similarly to real life and gambling sites. You can wager a certain amount by doing /cf new [price] [heads/tails]. People can join your coin flip and when they do, it'll open up a menu that you and it will either land heads, or tails. Gamble responsibly.

Sell Chest
This was a command also requested by a lot of players, you can right click on a chest for it to automatically sell the chest's contents. This is currently restricted to users with the Eternal rank and above, however if you would like to purchase it, feel free to do so on our store.

Block/Condense Command
Another heavily requested command. Donators can now use the command to turn all ores/ingots in to the block equivalent. It also auto smelts...
Hey everyone,
Sorry I haven't been on the server much the past few days. My computer has an issue with it and I've been using an old laptop for the meantime. I'll be fixing my computer tonight (hopefully) which means I'll be on the server much more and all will be good. ;)

Anyway, we have lots of updates planned for this weekend, but the point of this post is to thank you guys for the recent support on the server. It's currently 4:25 AM for me and we've got over 200 people on, and it's like that all the time. I plan on spending a few thousand on advertising over the next few weeks, and hopefully we can see that number shoot up to 2000 players average! :)

We're also on the second page of our voting site, and we're beating many large networks with thousands of players more than us. If you could vote as much as possible, we'll be giving away rewards to those who vote daily and the top voters at the end of the week/month. This includes things such as Buycraft gift cards, ranks, and more! Also, whilst I'm on this topic - our 25% off sale ends this Sunday! Use it all you can at!

Also, we're currently working on getting new art for the server done. Here's our logo so far that an artist has drawn up for us:

I've also just spent a lot of money on a banner, which will be done tomorrow if all goes as planned. I'm also wondering what youtubers you guys would like to see on the server? Feel free to let us know. :)

Thanks for all the support, it's been awesome so far!