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Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your stay on Lucky Skyblock so far, I definitely am! Before I start this post, let me say that we're looking to implement a bunch of cool new features, so feel free to suggest some of your ideas on the forums! If they're used, you may be rewarded. ;)

I was thinking of some cool features we could add to the server, and here's what I've came up with. Let me know what you think!

Every few hours, lucky blocks would fall from the sky and once landed would become active. Players would need to get there as quickly as possible, and attempt to mine as many exclusive envoy lucky blocks as they could. The rewards would be better than usual lucky blocks. They would be dropped in an area where PVP is allowed, such as the PVP warp or an exclusive area.

This would work similarly to a general envoy system or a supply drop system. (which could also be added!)

King of the Hills
This would be a King of the Hill with a 5 minute cap or such, and the capper will receive an exclusive lucky block (currently unnamed). There would be a few of these each day and they'd be a good spot for PVP.

Credit to FabDiHDPlayz for the idea.

If you'd like either of the following ideas to be implemented, feel free to vote on our poll which can be found at

Here's some things we plan on adding later this week too.
  • Coinflips and Jackpot System
    • Similar to a gambling website, these would function like a regular jackpot and coinflip system. In the coinflip, you wager a specific amount of money, and after X time the coin flips and one person wins. In jackpot, you put in X amount and have X chance to win, if you end up winning, you win all the money that was wagered in the jackpot.
  • Revamped Lucky Blocks
    • The current system is quite flawed and doesn't seem to be working too well. We plan on adding more rewards, as well as...
Hey everyone!
Welcome to the server's website! We're launching tomorrow, however our forums are now public and free to use.

If you have any issues with the forums, feel free to let me know by starting a conversation with me. Staff applications are also open in case anyone is curious, along with every other forum.

Make sure you check out the Prime realm release tomorrow, it's gonna be exciting!