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  Staff   Reason   Date   Duration
Mute Evasion Sat 3rd Nov Sun 4th Nov
Harassment Fri 21st Sep Permanent
he told me to do it again Mon 10th Sep Permanent
he told me to do it hahahahahahahahaha Mon 10th Sep Permanent
hahahaha idot Mon 10th Sep Mon 10th Sep
hacking Sat 8th Sep Permanent
Minesaga player Wed 5th Sep Permanent
Requested ban Sun 22nd Jul Sun 22nd Jul
Not Specified. Mon 15th Jan Permanent
Mute Evade Fri 22nd Dec Sat 23rd Dec
  Staff   Reason   Date   Duration
Spam Wed 14th Nov Wed 14th Nov
Player Disrespect Tue 6th Nov Tue 13th Nov
Player Disrespect Sat 3rd Nov Sun 4th Nov
Toxicity / Spam Fri 28th Sep Fri 28th Sep
3 warns Sat 15th Sep Sat 15th Sep
Player/staff diss Sat 8th Sep Sat 8th Sep
Staff diss/Toxic Thu 6th Sep Thu 6th Sep
Staff Diss / Toxic Sat 28th Jul Sun 29th Jul
Staff Disrespect Fri 27th Jul Sat 28th Jul
Player Disrespect Tue 24th Jul Tue 24th Jul
  Staff   Reason   Date
spam Sat 21st Jul
  Staff   Reason   Date
Spam Wed 14th Nov
Spam Fri 5th Oct
spam Sat 15th Sep
Chat Flood Tue 11th Sep
Innapropriate Chatting Tue 11th Sep
Player Disrespect Tue 11th Sep
Player diss Sat 8th Sep
staff Diss Thu 6th Sep
Chat Flood Thu 6th Sep
Toxic/Staff diss Tue 4th Sep