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  1. shane
    shane Vyzon
    i am glitched and cant join can u please help
  2. shane
    shane Vyzon
    my minion is not workin can u hlp
  3. Doggypaws1242
    hey i was glitched into a block and i couldn't move so i was kicked for the game thought i was flying and now i can't play anymore :(
  4. shane
    shane Vyzon
    hey i cant talk on lucky sb can u please help
  5. shane
    shane Zach
    hey zach
  6. shane
    shane Zach
    anything yet
  7. shane
    shane Vyzon
    how do i become a helper
  8. DeadShadowFreddy
    DeadShadowFreddy Zach
    Plus this is the only server I used to play on all the time.
  9. DeadShadowFreddy
    DeadShadowFreddy Zach
    Please unban me my user was recently changed but not to try and trick you guys into thinking I am a different person my new user is FNAFPlayer2234 or something like that my old user was DeadShadowFreddy please forgive me give me one more chance I promise I will never use hacks ever again.
  10. DeadShadowFreddy
    DeadShadowFreddy Vyzon
    Hello owner of Luckysb can you please un-ban me I promise It will not happen ever again but I want to test something with real mods not hacks can I test them please
  11. DeadShadowFreddy
  12. DeadShadowFreddy
  13. DeadShadowFreddy
    DeadShadowFreddy Vyzon
    Vyzon I am one of the players that 2 Mods are claiming to be hacking don't trust them please I need this server this is the final server that has real lucky blocks okay
  14. alex
    People need to not beg on the server .... it gets annoying
  15. IIPYZX
    Creating Videos...
  16. eigis
    people pleas invite your friends on Lucky Sky Block. if they play Minecraft of course.
  17. eigis
  18. eigis
    eigis Vyzon
    I saw everything is kind of solved I saw,
    I got the rank back in the shop and it was showing my rank after an upgrade in the game
    So i did spend about $45.00 in the shop, I'm happy again.
    1. IIPYZX
      Stop spamming the wall, and You're not 50. You're not a student. You're around 12 - 16 max. He's the owner of this server, he pays for it to be ran, he can ban anyone without a reason... even if he doesen't like them. He has the power to. I also don't think, well I'm sure your brother is not a lawyer, 100% lies.
      Nov 28, 2017
    2. IIPYZX
      If he was from a small chance, he coulden't take any action on a forums, and server that runs on Minecraft, the fact you think he can is actually making me laugh. Grow up.
      Nov 28, 2017
    3. eigis
      it is what you believe or not, but I'm born in august 1968 there are even two older than me playing on this server. and one I know personally he is with pension.
      I see in your photo that you still a teenager.
      Dec 6, 2017
  19. YellowGapples/Zef
    YellowGapples/Zef sockeroo
    Thanks for the advice!
  20. eigis
    eigis Vyzon
    Ohkey, I 'm not a kid, from who you can steal money and ignore. My small brother, lawyer and solicitor, will take steps to close down your website and paypal account if you don't give me my Rank where I have right on. I had patient enough and demand that you give my Eternal Rank where I have paid for.
    1. WuMarik
      You can not take any legal action in any way shape or form due to the Terms you agreed to upon purchase of your rank. You could spent a million dollars for all anyone cares, and Vyzon could ban you for no reason 5 minutes later, and you can't do anything about it.
      Oct 25, 2017
    2. eigis
      It is possible complain to Paypal and Mojang store support. you get your money back with a change that lsb is banned and kicked from the supported store. there are specific rules for that. (yes, I been reading them)
      He is selling a product and it is never a donation this way.
      They can say it is a donation, but it is actually a small lie. to let people think that they can not get their money back.
      Nov 4, 2017
    3. eigis
      For banning are also rules. as game provider you can not ban everybody you don't like.
      but just what i said I like the setup of this game.
      I think Vyzon is a very young person who still have to learn a lot. I'm 50 and still don't know enough yet, so I keep being a student ;)
      Nov 4, 2017