Official news and updates about the server, written by members of Management
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Server Reset
11 days ago
by IcyHex

A list of changes made in-game by our content team and/or developers
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No topics

Official information such as rules, guidelines, and the like. All new players are recommended to give this a read before starting.
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General discussion of any topics relating to Lucky Skyblock, that don't fit into other categories
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6 days ago
by Scamss

New to the server? Looking to make new friends? Introduce yourself! We want to get to know you.
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Here's where all your great ideas go! Suggestions are reviewed weekly by the staff team.
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/ignore command
3 days ago
by Jeuin

Appeal a Punishment
If you feel like you have been punished unfairly, please post an appeal here! Note that appeals are for wrongful punishments, not for apologizing or bargaining.
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Report a Player
See someone doing something they shouldn't be? Report them here.
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