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    anyone got a auto sell chest? lmfao.

    anyone got a auto sell chest? lmfao.
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    Something has to change

    Alright, I'm going to add onto my last comment. The hostility some staff have is outrageous. I mean, it's nice that you're TRYING to do your job but snapping back at the players is not the way to do it. Petarr, this hostile attitude that you have needs to go. I'm 100% sure the player base...
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    Something has to change

    I agree with this for many reasons. I feel like LuckySB neglects its player base by rushing updates that are clearly bugged/not telling us when said bugged features will be fixed, as well as not telling us formerly when certain features change. They have a Discord for a reason as well as a...
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    Resolved Player Report | _LIMO_ Autoclicking

    MY IN-GAME USERNAME: DeadManSoul PLAYER BEING REPORTED: _LIMO_ REASONS: Autoclicking Evidence: Video (the way youtube compressed the file makes the quality go down so you can't make out his name, so if any moderater wants me to, I can send them the original video via DM's.)
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    Mute Appeal

    I do know that, but I am only giving my feedback for you. My feedback is my opinion on the situation.
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    Mute Appeal

    But your behavior makes it seem like you are reckless with your actions, so I will bring up what happened in-between the time you were muted to when you made this appeal, or atleast when I saw this appeal. I believe the server's management team should know that when you changed your name...
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    Mute Appeal

    Well, this may be a false mute but afterwards you changed your name to "ShootinBlackKids" and there are multiple witnesses who saw that.
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    Resolved Server Crash | Player Reports

    Thank you for the clarification, I wish somebody would've informed the server before hand so no one was blindsided when it happened. The rest of the staff team didn't even understand what was happening, from what we were told. Sorry about this false report, anyway you could ask Vyzon to take it...
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    Resolved Server Crash | Player Reports

    Screenshots say otherwise, he said "Yes, WE are crashing the server"
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    Resolved Server Crash | Player Reports

    Your In-game Username: DeadManSoul Names: Frroosst, LiquidJK (and most likely others) Offence: Intentionally crashing the server. Evidence:
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    I deleted it cause yeah

    I don't understand why you go around on the forums criticizing what staff and members have to say. You go out of your way to call a staff a "braindead ape". It doesn't make sense to me.
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    I deleted it cause yeah

    If you did not get a notifications in the chat that he warned you for cheating in parkour, then he has not warned you within the game. You got warned for chat-flood, that's different. You sent messages that look like this: "DeadManSoul: who wants to come to my island DeadManSoul: I'll do a drop...
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    I'll build you a 3x3 piston door for a price of $50k if anyone is interested.

    I'll build you a 3x3 piston door for a price of $50k if anyone is interested.
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    I was scammed | World Edit Wands

    Yes, as you can read from the title of this thread, I was scammed. Recently on the auction house, there was a world edit wand for $1,000,000+ and I did not know that it was ineffective until you've bought the item from the server store. I've been reluctant as to if I should create a thread for...
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    Resolved Lincf06 "Personal/Offensive use of chat"

    Your In-Game Username: DeadManSoul In-Game Username of player being Reported: Lincf06 What did the reported player do: Offensive chat. Evidence: