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    Accepted Player appeal

    -1 you made a threat towards someone because that person reported another player that to me doesn’t say you meant in pvp nor did you state this and death threats are taken seriously here you stated to him in pvp after you had all ready been banned so to me that shows you were trying to get...
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    Denied Ban appeal

    A button on your mouse is still classed as a macro it gives you an advantage over other players which is why it isn’t allowed I’d recommend during the time of you ban you read through the rules properly as the person who banned you asked for a second opinion before doing so which I assisted and...
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    Player Report on Cath and Snqwzy

    Yeah I mean the bitching about one another a the snarky comments on ther server not here obviously people have their issues and can post here I just said keep it all off the server and that includes snoi and cath if anyone wants to moan then by all means do it else where but if it’s off the...
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    Player Report on Cath and Snqwzy

    -1/ neutral as your your statement about cath going off on josh for a punishment I stated to josh his punishment was invalid but he didn’t listen to me and from my point of view within the server there seems to be set groups of people your self trash and scamss and jeuin then cath and snoi then...
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    Denied bullseye_95 appeal

    I checked this with admin and he agrees it comes under alt abuse so the ban is justified and if other people are caught doing it they will be facing the same punishments and tbh it is kind of common sense to not use alts for this like this because you are giving your self an unfair advantage...
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    Lonsdale's Appeal

    +1 i believe you have had the time to reflect on your actions that resulted in your ban personally i think you should be given a chance to show you have reformed as no one will know if you truly have without seeing it for them selfs obviously if you havent you will more likely end up banned...
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    IceQueen2001 How could you forget Ice

    IceQueen2001 How could you forget Ice
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    Denied LonsdaleX's Ban appeal

    Your appeal will be desided by our admin+ players can say -1/+1 to your appeal and give a reason, however it will still be down to admin to decide if they feel giving you a second chance would be a good idea. do not worry about this because if you are genuin in your appeal that you have changed...
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    and have remorse and want a second chance however he has no remorse. your point forst is he...

    and have remorse and want a second chance however he has no remorse. your point forst is he should be unbanned and his perm ban has been lifted to a temp ban, however if he continues with his actions admin will deal with it how they see fit.
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    that may not have been the reason for his ban however now he has changed his skin his ban has...

    that may not have been the reason for his ban however now he has changed his skin his ban has been changed, he is temp banned for staff disrespect due to the signs he posted and his old skin, aswell as mute evading by placing the signs when he was muted. most people that appeal know theyve done...
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    Accepted ImTheDownClown Appeal

    i issued you a mute yesterday during this you placed signs and then shortly after my mute you were muted by an admin for 1 day and regardless you placed signs that were disrespectful to my self and others and then spammed me to tp to you then you message me on discord asking me to come and see...
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    Accepted ImTheDownClown Appeal

    It tells staff at what time you placed the signs so like 11 hours ago for example and this was during your mute as you had a tempory mute and then a 1 day mute also your signs were rude and utterly disgusting towards not only my self but another member of our staff team aswell as players and...
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    Denied LonsdaleX's Ban appeal

    unfortunately I am unable to give a definitive score because I believe you were banned/blacklisted before I returned a few months ago as I haven't seen you on I don't know what happened to you to be banned/blacklisted however I do believe people should have a second chance and if you mean what...
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    Accepted yVigil's ban appeal

    even if you weren't watching chat when I said it you were when darkstar said it in chat because it was moments after he said it that you glitched your way through a wall to get in to the mine after you could clearly see it was closed for a reason.
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    Accepted Unban Larvvy Appeal

    will ask our admin team to take a look for you