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I thought I might as well start us off with some introductory posts. I go by Exciting and I have been playing Skyblock for about five years now, it was a pretty sweet concept when it was first introduced and I've enjoyed my time playing it for quite some time now. I have played LuckySB before this reset, I played back on the original release when Config still owned the server... and I even helped staff the server as well (under another username).

I tend to play by myself on a solo-island, and instead of aiming for /is top ranking I usually like to get myself in the top five on /baltop. What can I say? Being wealthy has it's perks. Anyhow, I may decide to play with some others if the chance presents itself, so let me know if you are ever interested in teaming up, or if you just want to chat. That's all for now!

6 days ago