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    yt rank???

    +1 he is truly serious
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    Hello Lucky community. I just wanted to apologize to everyone that I have offended. I know I am just toxic when I get on, and I am sorry. I have turn over a new leaf and decided all my toxicity has been vanquished. I am sorry I know what I've done was wrong and I hope you could forgive me...
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    +1 he is truly sorry
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    +1 he is truly sorry
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    +1 he is truly sorry
  6. Frroosst

    Me, and the server

    " I make a suggestion, it might be good or it might be bad, everyone downvotes it. Right now there is a suggestion about me saying to ban me from suggestions because I make them redundant, AS they literally make a redundant suggestion." This is not needed. Every single suggestion you make, is...
  7. Frroosst

    NeonWolf and Grimm

    I do not see a reason why I should be mentioned in this. "Also the whole Frost, Caleb, Piggo and blood issue is still persisting weeks after me quitting and yes you can mention me quitting and not knowing much about the server currently but I still see many many issues that should have been...
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    LeGraceful Ban Appeal

    +1 After talking to grace, I found out her ban was for 2 reasons. Releasing personal info and using song lyrics in chat. I never saw her release personal info in chat and I know that she never would. Renaming 64 ender chests to "Caleb's Limited Edition Lunchbox". It is not personal info as Caleb...
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    Aghilas's Ban appeal

    +1 I was there when Aghilas was being toxic and accusing CalebEnderDragon of saying he called him mental. Caleb never said he was mental however he did say "so you are calling him mental". Caleb has also said that someone in need of mental support is also mental. I feel like if Aghilas was...
  10. Frroosst

    Jondoe05 Ban Appeal

    +1 he was not told signs was a form of mute evasion. he's done it before with other staff members and received no form of punishment whatsoever. if he had received that punishment then he would not have done it again.