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  1. Darkstar2508

    Resolved /ah Bug

    Thread Closed & Moved
  2. Darkstar2508

    Denied LonsdaleX's Ban appeal

    Appeal Denied After speaking it through with other staff they believe your previous actions were to severe to be given as second chance at this point in time. You may create another appeal if you still wish to be unbanned. Closed
  3. Darkstar2508

    Accepted ImTheDownClown Appeal

    Your permanent ban has been removed as this was only for the skin. However, the other offences remain in place & your ban has been changed to temporary. Closed
  4. Darkstar2508

    Accepted yVigil's ban appeal

    It's quite obvious that if something is closed off it probably means don't go in there. If you aren't sure then ask staff before doing so. Don't do this again. Appeal Accepted
  5. Darkstar2508

    Accepted Appeal

    Hi, After reviewing your appeal we have decided to unban both accounts. However whilst JoeA2012 has been unbanned the ban on Mattie has been reduced down to 1 day as this is the rest of the duration for his original punishment. This means MattieA2010 is still banned until this time tomorrow...
  6. Darkstar2508

    Accepted unban Whippy_ (right format this time)

    Your ban has already expired, i apologize for the delay in the reply to the appeal. Closed
  7. Darkstar2508

    A vote for change

    Events are one of the things I'm going to hopefully be doing every weekend, I've been collecting ideas from the community and hope to run the first one this coming Saturday. I feel like an events team could over complicate it slightly, however in saying that I'm more than open to hear everyone's...
  8. Darkstar2508

    unban Whippy_ appeal

    Duplicate appeal, other will be responded to. Closed
  9. Darkstar2508

    Make Jeuin SrMod

    Players are able to apply to become a helper here: Closed
  10. Darkstar2508

    The "other language rule"

    Hi, Thank you for submitting a suggestion, after reviewing this we have altered the punishment slightly. Players will now be warned verbally before punishment is enforced & told to use other languages in private messages only. Closed
  11. Darkstar2508

    Resolved Lincf06 "Personal/Offensive use of chat"

    This user was previously dealt with. Closed
  12. Darkstar2508

    Resolved Jruu being afk a lot

    This report is no longer of relevance. Closed
  13. Darkstar2508


    Issue was resolved. Closed
  14. Darkstar2508

    Resolved staff being bias...

    User has been dealt with already. Closed
  15. Darkstar2508

    Resolved my experience with yvigil

  16. Darkstar2508

    Denied hi trash :D

    Ban Expired. Closed
  17. Darkstar2508

    (ban appeal)

    Ban already expired. Closed
  18. Darkstar2508

    Accepted Ban Appeal Thimod.

    Appeal Accepted, Thimod is now unbanned. If this offense is repeated, there will be no second chance. Closed
  19. Darkstar2508

    Denied ban appeal

    Appeal Denied Closed