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    im out

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    Bullseye_95 ban appeal

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    Bullseye_95 ban appeal

    I understand it isn't your fault that staff didn't really notify you about the rules, but you should not listen to players, listen to staff. I do not think that what you did was ok and your excuse was you were told by other players, that is on you. -1
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    Resolved player report on snqwzy and branboyo

    So... Neutral? I don't know why you put Branboyo's name in the report even tho you literally say 0 about Branboyo, but I do agree about Snoi.
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    Player Report on Cath and Snqwzy

    +1 I think Cath and Snoi are the cause of issues on the server as of right now. When I was staff, they would come on briefly and when I politely said hello to them, NOT EVEN being rude or anything, they left out of spite and I never got mad at them. 2 seasons before this one, I was banned for 7...
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    Denied bullseye_95 appeal

    +1 Regardless if Xena says it is common sense, common sense is an opinion just like a moral. No, what you did was not fair to others, but then again it was the servers fault for not letting you know about these rules, its like getting arrested but the officer does not explain your Miranda rights.
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    Lonsdale's Appeal

    -1 As Jeuin's quote is which is a very important quote “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” — Benjamin Franklin. Saying that you are," reformed," is very very effortless. Also, I know people can disagree but for your age, I genuinely do not know...
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    Baltop comp.

    Black I changed it, it isn't going to be this season it will be at the start of next seasons, I realized that it is incredibly hard to get up to 30bil lol.
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    Baltop comp.

    Made changes, this is a good idea.
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    Baltop comp.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Baltop comp.

    Hello everyone! This event starts the day of the new season, and ends 2 weeks after it., and let me explain how this will work. The person with the most money on baltop wins basically, and this goes on till next Friday, You have about 10 I believe days to do this, and you can make money however...
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    How ya doin?

    How ya doin?
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    Resolved Vote crate bug

    Your In-Game Username: CalebEnderDragon What is the bug or concern that you're reporting: Vote crate rewards. It shows in the rewards if you preview the crate, it says there are 3 lucky blocks, but the description or title of it is 5 lucky blocks. I reported this back in June and nothing really...
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    When will something happen?

    Hello lucky skyblock community members. In this thread, I am going to cover about 3-5 topics or really whatever comes to mind while typing this thread out. From the beginning of this season, starting on June 7th, to the now, October 22nd, that is exactly 137 days since the beginning of this...
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    Build Competition #7

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    shoot lmao

    shoot lmao
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    The answers are, xenapw, black,snakeeyez, jruu, cordbut, tour, fairydoll, tunefulmouse, djlewis...

    The answers are, xenapw, black,snakeeyez, jruu, cordbut, tour, fairydoll, tunefulmouse, djlewis, darkstar, itszachtay,neonwolf, jeuin, jxsttrxsh, tacticalxgrimm,icyhex dwer, space, if I missed one tell me.