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    What I have witnessed my first weeks here at this server is awful.

    YOU have been BANNED from the mickey mouse club for INNAPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR
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    who are you
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    1. I believe that the current way players acquire money, it ruins the actual fun of the game. The people that are in the top 10 are rarely ever going to move, and they use alts and it is unfair to others who don't have those luxuries. Because of that, I am suggesting that Vyzon, or a developer...
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    Something has to change

    I couldn't agree more. I think the staff team should be removed, and there should be replacements, or they need to be taught more. Also, I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that they never implement suggestions. Although Frost, I rarely agree with you, ever, this is the few times where I am +1...
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    imagine getting banned so trash

    imagine getting banned so trash
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    I need to make a forum post because it would be too long on discord. Like KOTH, and also the daily boss fights, add something where there are hourly events, and they rotate every single day, and they have rewards like the boss battles. This means staff (typically developers) would have to...
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    Suggestions for the server

    Wow, it has been a while since I made an actual thread eh? I would think so, but let's move to my important discussion. Every day, at least once, and yes I do not need to do this, but I do it anywho, I will go on the server and just check on how things are and see if there is any progress on...
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    bruh how are u guys doing this

    Ok so, how does the server make money to answer your question. The server has a store, and yeah thats it.
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    Accepted Player appeal

    Ok yeah, if you said the thing that dzrby said in discord, thats definitely a death threat. Not acceptable -1
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    Accepted Player appeal

    neutral If you said something like, oh I will kill you and take your stuff, that wouldnt be a death threat, but you weren't specific so until more evidence is given, then neutral
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    I have an announcement

    Popeyes chicken sandwiches are actually stolen Chick Fil a sandwiches.
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    Bow down to your king

    no c a p
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    Bow down to your king

    Hippity hoppity this is irrelevant in so many ways (Can't wait to see your very aggressive and meaningless response.)
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    God damn what did I do to you lmao
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    Although this is a suggestion, and like the suggestions on discord you can show your opinion with the thumbs up or down emoji, but I am going to verbally communicate with this suggestion as I have it to use. I don't think it is quite smart to remove the LSB name one because it has lucky blocks...
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    im out

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    Accepted Bullseye_95 ban appeal

    I understand it isn't your fault that staff didn't really notify you about the rules, but you should not listen to players, listen to staff. I do not think that what you did was ok and your excuse was you were told by other players, that is on you. -1
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    Resolved player report on snqwzy and branboyo

    So... Neutral? I don't know why you put Branboyo's name in the report even tho you literally say 0 about Branboyo, but I do agree about Snoi.