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    #Get Punisher back on mc by restarting the server

    LOL its not that bad of a server but it can be resetted every like 3-4 months
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    #Get Punisher back on mc by restarting the server

    Yo just restart man doesnt take that long to restart LOL!!!!!
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    Clusterstrom spam calls cath confirmed

    In this post I have Clusterstorm saying that he spam calls cath because he has a crash on her. I have proof of him admiting he spam calls her. Again cath I am sorry that you had to see this post ): Proof:
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    What I have witnessed my first weeks here at this server is awful.

    He isnt part of the GoodBoyGang thats why o:
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    Resolved Player Report on ImDomo

    Yeyeyeyeye I wanted to post that photo on general, Thank you for sending it to me again. Youre the best when it comes to sending me photos also this was sent in the lsb disc so its not a surprise to anyone
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    Resolved Player Report on ImDomo

    Yes thats me and I dont like ppl talking shit about ma friends so what? Im a horrible person for that? Cool ig
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    Resolved Player Report on ImDomo

    Thank you for posting that, that ss wouldnt send so thank you (:
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    Resolved Player Report on ImDomo

    I was but what's your point?
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    Resolved Player Report on ImDomo

    Your In-Game Username: Punishqr In-Game Username of player being Reported: ImDomo What did the reported player do: ImDomo is accusing me of pedophilia. This is a serious accusation to say to someone who hasn't done anything remote to what he is saying. In the screenshots ive proven, I have...
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    Denied Punishqr's appeal

    In-game Username: Punishqr Punishment Received: 'Ip Change' Why were you Punished: For 'changing my ip' Staff Member that issued the punishment: Darkstar2508 Why should your appeal be accepted? I legit got unbanned today and because my parents are split up I changed my ip? That's messed up bc...
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    Bow down to your king

    If you dont bow down then youre not worthy of my friendship or ever speaking to me :o
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    Caleb stfu its vyzons server he does what he wants. <3
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    I am not going into the discord server to post these but you should try having more $ for the payout and have the option to use paypal, allow us to kill mobs for heads so we can collect them and do other costume crafts with them, (thatll make sure people grind the head so they can be part of the...
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    Accepted Bullseye_95 ban appeal

    -1 bc you still abuses the jackpot, You cant undo what you have done because youll probably just do it again and not tell anyone
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    Resolved DeiRami and blynukas cheats

    Punishqr DeiRami and blynukas cheats I will not say anything these vids will prove lol blynukas DeiRami
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    Resolved bigyummyfud and KeifferMonster

    Punishqr bigyummyfud and KeifferMonster They legit are cheaters nothing more to say lmao KeifferMonster Bigyummyfud
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    Resolved player report on snqwzy and branboyo

    -1 There is no proof for them being toxic, they are just wanting to play the game and then you guys just come along and be toxic to them which is mean.
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    Denied bullseye_95 appeal

    -1 I agree with what Snqwzy said and it isnt fair to the other players who buy the jackpot