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    Baltop comp.

    -1 Pretty dumb idea when the person on baltop 1 has over 30bill. How is anyone else supposed to be able to catch up to that? Especially newer players?
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    Resolved /ah Bug

    Hi Petarr, I'm glad I could be of assistance. I have spoken to other staff, including Vyzon, and the general consensus is that this has happened quite a few times this season and the bug should be removed for next season. If this happens again please let us know as soon as possible and we will...
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    Resolved /ah Bug

    Hi Petarr, There is a way to see who bought the item directly from the auction house by doing /ah in-game then going to "Items you're selling" then by hovering over the Book & Quil, you can see who bought your 10 most recent items. That should tell you how much you sold it for and who bought...
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    I believe 12 days to build something that is worth $50 is a good amount of time.
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    A water stream / creek / burn / whatever anyone calls a small river

    A water stream / creek / burn / whatever anyone calls a small river
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    Bridge or boat

    Bridge or boat
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    Resolved M7alex2 Player Report

    Thank you for the report. It has been dealt with.
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    Resolved ImDomo Player Report

    Thank you for the report. This has been dealt with.
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    skibidibop, splendid and idk a third

    skibidibop, splendid and idk a third
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    Denied LonsdaleX's Ban appeal

    Hi Lonsdale, As others have said, you claim that you have changed and we support that. I would like to see this change that you've made and would like to see you back in the community if the change is real and true to what you are saying. I understand that you were blacklisted and unbanned, as...
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    unban Whippy_ appeal

    DJ, Staff gave no warning / public annoucement about this rule so any new player who did this would be unfairly banned. There should be some sort of statement given in-game / discord / forums about this. It's not a long-term punishment as it's bug which causes people who log out in combat to be...
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    Accepted Unban Larvvy Appeal

    There was a bot attack so you probably happened to log on at an unfortunate time. Hopefully someone will be able to unban you shortly.
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    Resolved xBlacKDarKnEss Staff Report

    Also, as Black says in one of the screenshots. He is a man, a grown adult yet is acting in a childish way when confronted. I know everyone deals with things differently but this most certainly isn't a way to deal with it. If Black knows about his anger / frustration then it's better for him not...
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    Resolved xBlacKDarKnEss Staff Report

    Whether or not it was DM staff should not conduct themselves in this way. I understand the frustration however acting out like this does not help the situation especially when Frost was advised to report it and that's exactly what he did. Unfortunately it looks as though Black's anger gets the...
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    The "other language rule"

    Honestly I think that rule is a bit harsh to enforce. Not everyone speaks English and therefore we shouldn't force them to speak our language. For them, it would be like us joining a server that said only French in chat and if not you'd get warned / muted / banned temporarily for not knowing a...