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    AutoSell Chest

    My auto sell chest has been working properly all season. May I ask if your hopper is constantly full? If your hopper is constantly full, the efficiency transferring to auto sell chest will slow down and could cause a full hopper line. Maybe try tweaking your hopper management, hopefully it...
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    blackhawk111 ban appeal

    It's unclear in the rules document but double clicking is a common ban offence on other servers. You still have a chance to be unbanned next season or whenever. Active player overall, double-clicking would be more of an issue in PvP arena than grinding mobs. In my opinion, double-clicking...
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    blackhawk111 ban appeal

    Double clicking can be done through mouse settings (macros or whatever) or inputting two buttons at the same time. Just realised this is your second time and it's a perm ban sadly - you could have jitter clicked.. Double clicking is a rule offence.
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    blackhawk111 ban appeal

    In my past, I've been banned due to the same thing on a HCF servers. It acts as double clicking which is why the system will input your clicks and ban you. It's very abnormal + I did accept my temp ban. I'm glad you know your knowledge of auto clicking then, as I have said above... you still...
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    Denied NikkyDragon Ban Appeal

    I do have an idea of what bug you have impacted. If it was a mistake, why did you continue doing it rather than reporting instantly? If you knew what you were doing was wrong, then why didn't you learn not to do it after. Your reply to this thread does quite confirm your knowledge about the bug...
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    When a new player spawns into a server, there is a holographic display with "IMPORTANT: Autoclicking / Keymapping is a bannable offence". There are few servers that allow it but not every server in existence...