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  1. Plugin_Developer

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Hello, @puddles1085, We appreciate that it will not happen again. However, we do not usually shorten bans so please wait the 1 day. Appeal Denied.
  2. Plugin_Developer

    Denied appeal

    Hello @zotbillybob, Using autoclicker at anytime on the server is not allowed, even if you believe it's harmless to use it in such situations. It would be unfair to reduce your ban when we don't reduce it for others that have used autoclicker. Next time, please just read the rules to confirm...
  3. Plugin_Developer

    Denied Autoclicking (not true)

    Hello @WaRi0_r, You were not banned for "autoclicking", you were banned for "Illegal Clicking Method". If you look at the rules it states: We do not allow Drag Clicking since not all mice are able to drag click. It could also be difficult to tell if someone is drag clicking or auto-clicking...
  4. Plugin_Developer

    Denied Why did i get banned?

    Hello @Wcmb, We will be using your other thread for the ban appeal since it's in the correct format. Thread Closed.
  5. Plugin_Developer

    Denied Banned.

    Hello @Wcmb, The staff that banned you told me that you were clicking while afk. He also teleported you to another location and you continued to click for a while before you were banned.
  6. Plugin_Developer

    Denied unban

    As we have explained in discord, someone on the same network logged on a different account (known as ban evasion). Also please follow the format if you are wanting to make an appeal. Not once did you state your IGN in this thread. If you had not made the other thread a few days ago or a...
  7. Plugin_Developer

    Denied unban request

    You were clearly online when the video was recorded. Perhaps you were banned right when you went afk. The video that was provided does show that you are clicking 50+ cps. Appeal Denied
  8. Plugin_Developer

    Denied Auto clicking ban

    Hello @Disssssco, I have responded to your first appeal. Autoclickers are not allowed anywhere on the server whether you are grinding mobs or pvping. Unfortunately, because you did use autoclicker on the server, we cannot issue an unban at this time. Appeal Denied
  9. Plugin_Developer

    Denied Auto clicking

    Hello @Disssssco, Autoclickers are not allowed anywhere on the server whether you are grinding mobs or pvping. Unfortunately, because you did use autoclicker on the server. We cannot issue an unban at this time. Would also like to mention that you put this thread in Player Reports instead of...
  10. Plugin_Developer

    Lucky Block Season 11, but only the stuff that works

    What is the point of making this? The start of seasons are always going to have the must bugs / issues due to new plugins installed on the server. It has only been less than 2 weeks since the reset. We are already aware of the bugs listed and are working to fix them as fast as possible. I'm not...
  11. Plugin_Developer

    Denied Ban appeal for OhhNyx

    Appeal taken care of on discord. Appeal Denied
  12. Plugin_Developer

    Denied Owencoolbrosclub temp-ban appeal

    Hello @Owencoolbrosclub, According to the video, it seems that you were using an auto-clicker at the time. We strictly prohibit auto-clickers on the server. We also prohibit hacks such as auto-harvest, auto-fishing, and baritone on the server! I advise that when you login, make sure the client...
  13. Plugin_Developer

    Accepted Ban Appeal for Dorkers

    Hello @Dorkers, Please use the format listed below if you ever need to appeal again: After checking the recording again, it did seem you stopped using it shortly after your friend was told it wasn't allowed. Because you stopped after learning it wasn't allowed and before you were banned, I...
  14. Plugin_Developer

    Glad you were able to release the update, Owner Peh!

    Glad you were able to release the update, Owner Peh!
  15. Plugin_Developer

    New question for Staff Applications, and Trial-Helper

    If the council members are toxic, they wouldn't be seen as trustworthy members. I agree that the council needs to be made up of active and trustworthy members. However, it seems that the "council" is a thing in the past sadly. No one has been added to the council in over a year, maybe even a few...
  16. Plugin_Developer

    New question for Staff Applications, and Trial-Helper

    Hello, Adding that question to the staff application would be fine. However, I do not believe the Council should be in-charge of making these decisions or even be in the decision making. There are currently only 6 council members, not including current staff members. Some council members have...
  17. Plugin_Developer

    Denied ban appeal

    @Durppssundee1, After reviewing your first ban appeal, you stated that you didn't know autoclicking was against the rules - you were new to the server and didn't know the rules well. I then stated that you should review the rules of the server before playing because you would be punished...
  18. Plugin_Developer

    Denied ban appeal

    @pjattehoved, Due to the lack of evidence of the moderator's comments about how autoclickers weren't allowed in pvp - giving you the impression that they were allowed everywhere else - and because your punishment has expired and you are no longer banned, I have decided to deny this appeal...
  19. Plugin_Developer

    Accepted ban

    @Zorbe45, Because drag clicking was a new rule recently added (2-3 days before you were banned) and there has not been a major announcement about the rule change yet, I have decided to accept the appeal. The new rule related to the clicking methods is listed below: I have contacted an admin...