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    Accepted LonsdaleX Ban Appeal

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    Player Report on Cath and Snqwzy

    +1 Said individuals are creating a quite toxic place on this server, whenever they are online together there is nobody else talking in chat because they'll just get shit on for anything they say. As soon as they get punished or one of their group gets punished they instantly start drama and...
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    Denied LonsdaleX's Ban appeal

    -1 should stay blacklsited, the things you did where un-acceptable in my opinion and therefor you should stay banned.
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    The "other language rule"

    this is an oof
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    I know that he made anough to keep it running, the second part of my response was more so the fact that alot of people have stopped playing due to lack of updates etc. which I do understand that alot of poeple stop playing the more the season progresses, but its just sad to see it happen.
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    I bought a title aswell may I add But yes, the server is going down faster then the titanic, if stuff doesnt get fixed asap its going to be to late.. (it may already be too late honestly)
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    How does Briisko have so much money

    all he does is Coinflips
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    +1, either that or island wiped
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    TaajManzoor's Player Appeal

    Only admin+ can unban people.
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    Resolved Me, and the server

    Hello Caleb, You and blood have been starting things for a long time now, we have been talking about it for a long time between staff to do something about it. At first we agreed to do just regular mutes when things escalated, but those didnt seem to help with anything you guys just went back...
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    Resolved NeonWolf and Grimm

    You probably just came online to find some more stuff to post on here, honestly you're just trying to start drama that isn't needed. you quit the server weeks ago why even bother with all of this? Seems pretty useless and a waste of everyones time what you're doing.
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    Resolved NeonWolf and Grimm

    Hello there Seeker, First of all you quit the server weeks ago and have not been online since, you probably also have no clue what has been going on in the meantime. You named your thread "NeonWolf and Grmm" but i mainly see you talking about how neon hw she got accepted for being a "builder"...
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    Scamss Ban Appeal

    +1, he did some very wrong things for sure, we can't argue that, but i do believe it shouldn't have been a perm ban, he was also such an active player in the community, i do think we should give scamss 1 more chance.