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  1. Frroosst

    New question for Staff Applications, and Trial-Helper

    In my opinion, the council represents the community. When Vyzon asks what the community needs, he should presumably ask the council. The council should be made up of active and trustworthy members of the server, regardless of if toxic or not. The "Trial-Helper" role is just so there is an actual...
  2. Frroosst

    New question for Staff Applications, and Trial-Helper

    It doesn't need to be a staff member on. It could be trusted players of the community and the council.
  3. Frroosst

    New question for Staff Applications, and Trial-Helper

    "List 2 things about yourself that you feel you should improve on." I personally believe that players who are applying for the Staff role should be reflecting on themselves, and looking for ways to improve. Adding on, I think that there should be a T-Helper role, or something along the lines of...
  4. Frroosst

    Resolved DragonRyder62 Scam Report

    Honestly speaking there is an obvious location to do so: You did not follow the format stated above, which is also listed under the "Player Reports" section. Chat does not get instantly removed for players, you can scroll up and take screenshots. You can even go to your chat logs. But that...
  5. Frroosst

    [Suggestion - OP Fishing]

    just to say
  6. Frroosst

    Denied ban appeal

    i dont think using keybinds would only keep you at 8cps also my cps went up and went down and i still got banned so :(
  7. Frroosst

    Denied blackhawk111 ban appeal

    I cannot recall to my knowledge that double-clicking is a rule offence, if it is then I apologise. Being able to hold over 10cps for an extended period of time is not that hard. I do not believe that blackhawk111 deserves a permanent ban. Most people who are somewhat active in chat, would not...
  8. Frroosst

    Accepted DeadManSoul Ban Appeal

    honestly +1, you dont cause much trouble to the server and many others have been given a warning/kick for autoclicking (including me even tho I didn't autoclick), so I don't see why you shouldn't get one
  9. Frroosst

    Accepted LonsdaleX Ban Appeal

    +1 i believe that he is truly epic and he wont do anything wrong
  10. Frroosst

    Vyzon & Higher Ups Read

    So this is basically a part 2 to my previous post regarding the current server issues, if you have not seen/read it yet please do here. From what I have seen in the past few days, I can say that the server has kind of approved, but still doing extremely poor. Example, Vyzon is now back to fis...
  11. Frroosst

    Resolved vyzoff report

    Your In-Game Username: frost In-Game Username of player being Reported: vyzoff What did the reported player do: PLAYER DISRESPECT TO ME Evidence:
  12. Frroosst

    Something has to change

    Thanks for the +1, I had +1'd Juscky as he was a good staff member on CycloneNetwork, however, now I rarely see him online and giving out punishments.
  13. Frroosst

    Something has to change

    Just for a little background information, reset was 3 days ago and people have already started making their sugar cane farms to climb is top and to make island money. Now, the staff are telling us that flying machines are not allowed in this season. This would be perfectly normal if they had...
  14. Frroosst


    caleb the forums are up
  15. Frroosst

    Resolved player report on snqwzy and branboyo

    -1 this report looks to me like you're basically saying "i dont have any proof but please believe me" just sounds like you dont like them and you want them punished
  16. Frroosst

    Resolved SponkBonk Player Report

    btw im a minor
  17. Frroosst

    Resolved SponkBonk Player Report

    Thank you for the positive feedback.
  18. Frroosst

    Resolved SponkBonk Player Report

    Your In-Game Username: Frroosst In-Game Username of player being Reported: SponkBonk What did the reported player do: Tried to buy a minion off of me for an inapp picture Evidence:
  19. Frroosst

    Resolved M7alex2 Player Report

    Thank you for this, the $500 is not sufficient for the 5 minutes I took writing this report.