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    1. Vyzon

      Lucky Skyblock | Season 10

      Edit: Date changed to August 4th at 3pm due to it not a couple issues. Hello everyone, It's finally time for another reset on the server! This season is going to have a lot of cool new items and features, plus more to come with updates! ⚙️ Changelog Some of these changes may not stick around...
    2. Vyzon

      Denied CrazedImpaction's Staff Application

      Overall I thought your application was good, but you do need to make sure you know the rules. I think you should get more familiar with the server since you stated you have only been on for 1 week and then reapply. Sorry :(
    3. Vyzon

      Denied Scamss The God Staff

      Denied, please try again in 2 weeks.
    4. Vyzon

      Staff Application Format (Mandatory)

      Before you fill this form, please check that you are eligible from all the requirements listed below: • If you do not use this format your application will be denied. • Two weeks or more have passed since your last application. • You must be at least 13 years of age to apply. • You must be...
    5. Vyzon

      Lucky Skyblock Reset

      Hello Islanders, I'm glad to announce that the server will finally be resetting this weekend! There are many things we have changed / added. ⚙️ Changelog Here's what has changed: New spawn Reworked mob stacking Reworked spawner stacking Reworked custom enchantments Reworked the island gui...