A vote for change

Hello players of the lucky skyblock community, today, I came up with this idea that I think is needed considering the server is slowly drowning in its own tears at the moment, so I have a solution or an idea that can have a positive outcome.
A community event Team.
Community events are always fun on all servers and I think this could be something new rather than just have random people do it. Basically this is how it would work.
Upper management (Zach, darkstar, Vyzon) tend to do a lot of the decisions for the community themselves, and this would be a voting process by players.
There would be 4 people running this community event team that plans events for the server, 3 members, and a leader.
The 3 members and the leader will have their role for 50 days, exactly 50 days, and then the community votes again for different people, of course, people have infinite terms that they can serve in this.
You might say, well this is useless, but it isn't. We the community, need to decide what events WE want so that WE can have fun on the server.


Retired Manager
Events are one of the things I'm going to hopefully be doing every weekend, I've been collecting ideas from the community and hope to run the first one this coming Saturday. I feel like an events team could over complicate it slightly, however in saying that I'm more than open to hear everyone's ideas for events as I've made a list of potential ones that can be done on the server.

Players are still fine to run their own events however bigger ones with better prizes will be held on either Saturday or Sunday each week, if you have any ideas for events feel free to make a list and send them to me.


Yeah... No. When it comes to community events, Leave it to people that know what they're doing and not vote it out to new people.