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    What is your Minecraft Username?: Backk

    What is your age?: 17

    How long have you been playing on Lucky Skyblock? I have been playing very actively for around a month.

    Have you ever been banned on The Lucky Skyblock? (If so, state all previous bans): I have never been banned on Lucky Skyblock.

    How many hours can you dedicate to moderating per day?: I would be able to moderate 5-12 hours a day into moderating depending on if I have lectures or work.

    What timezone are you in? I am in EST.

    Do you know the server rules?: I am very well informed of all of the rules and their punishments.

    Would you treat your friends differently when enforcing the rules?: I would treat my friends the same way I treat anyone else. Why should someone get any special treatment because they are my friends.

    How often do you lose your temper? (Frequently, Sometimes, Rarely, Never): I am a very collected person, but I would be lying if I said I never lost my temper. It is very rare and I know how to control myself when I do.

    Do you have any past experience as a staff member? (If so, elaborate): I was a moderator on a around 200 player skyblock server called MineALot for over a year. I have also been an Admin on pvpingmc and hypermc (both around 100 players when I was staff), both times working my way up from helper.

    How would you deal with a staff member breaking the rules?: If they have more authority then me then I would record what they were doing and explain to someone above them the context and how they were breaking the rules. I would also let them know at the time that they broke the rules and try and make them realize that what they did was wrong and to hopefully not have it happen again.

    How many times should a player be warned before action is taken?: It depends on the punishment but in most cases that I have seen applied has been a verbal warning then a formal warning. It depends on the severity of the action, something smaller should be verbally warned ex. minor chat flood or caps: whilst the more severe actions should be formally warned ex. racism, homophobia, death threats, staff impersonation. After one warn then the player should get a mute.

    How are you different from other Applicants?: I come onto the server and I see the chat being filled with people that are just not making Lucky Skyblock a safe place for people to be at and enjoy their time playing. I want a better community so that we will have a larger variety of a player base. I see too many staff members that just stand by and let the chat be filled with hatred and violence towards one another. I am online 23/24 hours of the day on this server a lot of it is afking but I look in chat a lot to just see what is going on and see who is on. I truly do wish for this server to thrive higher then ever once again and would love to be apart of the team that makes that happen.

    How do you believe you will benefit Lucky Skyblock as a member of staff?: I will be the staff member that really puts the hammer down and cracks down on people who are making the server a more toxic environment for new players. I am on a lot of the time active and afk so I will be able to see what happens either in real time or in chat logs. I want to make this server a more welcoming place for new comers and older players. I want an active chat that is not so toxic and hateful towards one another. I am on too many times when there is no staff on or they are on but not paying attention and there is someone either advertising, spamming, being racist or homophobic, or just plain out disrespectful to everyone and I want to put a stop to that. I want to be able to help new members and help them with setting in and getting started so they enjoy their time here more in the beginning.
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    Hello @Crivenx, after reading this application i've decided to give you a .5. Reason for this because, the detail is ok but the actions on the server is a little outrageous. Toxicity towards users isn't a good thing to do while applying to be a staff member. I'll gladly change this review once I see more positive things about you.


    Thank you for applying here at LuckySB. Sadly, I don't bring great news.

    I have decided to decline your application for LuckySB. The reason being your application is denied is because of your toxicity. Which shows me that you could lack the effort to be staff here on LuckySB.

    Thanks again for applying.

    Kind regards,
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