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Doggypaws1242 Reapplication

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by Doggypaws1242, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Doggypaws1242

    Doggypaws1242 New Member

    Feb 8, 2018
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    Username: doggypaws1242
    Discord: Doggypaws1242#2054
    Age: 13

    Country and Nationality: USA, American

    Estimated Schedule (when you will be playing): On the weekends I'll be able to play from around 10-11 am PST to 7-8 pm PST. On the weekdays I could possibly try to aim at playing around from 3-4 pm PST and at night from around 8-10 pm PST. But I may not be able to play on Mondays due to practice and homework as well as Thursdays. But if anyone needs help I'll always be available to answer questions on Discord.

    Server Playtime (In Hours): So far I have played 14 hours because I had recently started playing MInecraft again but last season I have played over a total of 413 hours.

    Reason(s) for applying: My reason for applying is because 1. I miss being staff and working with my buddies and 2. there aren't many staff members (or none at all) when I'm on and when they aren't on there are a lot of people who spam and chat flood so I would like to be able to maintain that part if I were to be staff again. As well as everybody has been telling me that I should be staff here again.

    Previous Staff Experience: I've had some staff experience here working on lucky and that's it but I do know all the guidelines on being staff and the commands. I'd say if I were to become staff I'd be able to accomplish my job.

    Key Personal Traits: I'd say that I am kind, hardworking, generous, as well as outgoing. The only time I would be annoyed at somebody is if they keep spamming me or keep begging for stuff even when they can get it on their own but either way I'd help them no matter what.

    Anything else?: I would just like to thank my friends for persuading me to become staff again because I really do think I could help out this server more once again. And I would like to thank Fairydoll the most for being a good friend and convince me to reapply for this server. :D
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  2. Completement

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    Sep 12, 2017
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    Would be great to see you come back to lucky. Vyzon says me no allowed to apply though. Cant become staff buddies :,(

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