Easter Update, April 12, 2020


Hello everyone, I hope you’re having an amazing Easter weekend with family and friends to take away some of the tension with the current news we’re all being affected with in real life. Of course, in the outside world we’re dealing with the COVID-19 where everything seems to have shut down including school. We saw an increase in players and we’re trying to push new updates to accommodate everyone’s stay for a better experience on the server.

Sadly, we lost one of the most admirable individuals which was Zach (ItsZachTay). He was the community manager for longer than I can remember, and we wish him the best in what the future is holding for him. We will miss him of course and will welcome him with open arms 🆒

Anyways I wanted to make a few announcements on what is new in the server:

Currently we’re celebrating Easter on the server, and the Easter Bunny has returned for you to take part finding all the eggs scattered around the map in spawn!
Find all the eggs in the spawn map to receive the EASTER 2020 tag and a Coconut key! (and more keys while you search for the eggs)


We have released the new Official Rules for LuckySB to help out the community understand what must be followed to play on the server. I remember when I first came on many were confused or unaware if the server had any rules. The rules include the punishments and the modification list for those asking what mods are allowed in the server. Now you will be able to find the rules in-game with /rules, on the channel section in discord and on the forums of course!

Click here to be forwarded to the Rules.


We’re adding a section where new and present players can go find all the information from the activities / events that are available playing in Lucky Skyblock.

You will be able to find this with /warp tutorial


I am aware that we do not have enough staff to meet the needs of everyone in the server, we will be looking to recruit a few more members to join the team to help us improve the environment of the server. I appreciate everyone that applies and that has applied!

Many of you guys know that I’ve recently joined as an administrator to help out with the community that once was full of astonishing ideas and potential. I am aware that there has been plenty of ups and downs in the server, what matters is that I am willing to do everything in my power to bring back the fun, addicting and interactive experience that LuckySB was once capable of. The feedback I’ve gotten has been over the top and overwhelming with my arrival. I want to thank everyone, Vyzon, the staff members and of course the players for giving me the chance to make a difference. Thank you again for taking the time to read this. I hope that as time keeps moving, we are able to grow together and see what the future holds for this amazing server!

Thank you!