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    What is your Minecraft Username?:
    My current IGN is: FactionsUUID

    What is your age?:
    I am currently 15 years of age (7/27/2003)

    How long have you been playing on Lucky Skyblock?
    Roughly An Week now, but I plan on dedicated alot more time to lucky skyblock over the next few days as I truly do see potential in it.

    Have you ever been banned on The Lucky Skyblock? (If so, state all previous bans):
    No, I have never been punished on the server or discord/forums.

    How many hours can you dedicate to moderating per day?:
    Around roughly three to five depending on my work hours, I can go more in depth if asked.

    What timezone are you in?
    I am currently in CST (UTC -6) (United States)

    Do you know the server rules?:
    Yes, I have read the server rules recently to get a clear and full understanding of whats acceptable and unacceptable.

    Would you treat your friends differently when enforcing the rules?:
    No, All players, Friends or not should all abide by the rules.
    No matter if they have a tie to a player/staff member they should still be punished accordingly.

    How often do you lose your temper? (Frequently, Sometimes, Rarely, Never):
    Rarely, If I am under alot of heat and stress, I don't necessarily lose my temper.
    But I do shut down sometimes and avoid any unnecessary bad actions that might cause me to lose my role or harm the server.
    And just stop talking or stop responding to messages, but as I said that happens rarely as usually I am understanding and I come to the solution to an issue before it escalates from that.

    Do you have any past experience as a staff member? (If so, elaborate):
    Yes, I have moderated, Administrated, Developed and Managed many servers in the past. Here are the specifics.

    (100 - 200)
    Manager - Developer
    I’m no longer the full time manager on DC MC, I worked alongside Sean_YT a YouTube celebrity. My job there was to hire staff member and teach them how to handle situations I was also developer for a short while then i was eventually promoted.

    (1,800 - 3,500)
    Jr MOD
    Around season 6 of the fire realm. I was accepted as a helper and later in season 7 was promoted to Helper+ and Jr Mod. I left the server due to school projects and a lot of drama in the staff team.

    Space Realms
    (200 - 300)
    On SpaceRealms I was a moderator, I worked by Brad (dyedye). I was hired in mid November. I resigned due to lack of communication from the Ownership team.

    (Never Opened)
    I was a Operator there working for Dynasty (Precisioning) I didn’t do a lot of work as it really never came up, but if it were to I would’ve done alot more work then i was able to do.

    (300 - 500)
    Helper - Developer
    I was a Developer/Helper there working for Dynasty (Precisioning) I did a lot of the custom plugin development and suggestions, Later I was demoted by the same person who later griefed the network completely killing it.

    Other Experience:
    SkyDistrics (50 - 60)
    MinoWars (50 - 150)
    SkyDog (10 - 120)
    SkyDimensions (20 - 40)
    AzureHCF (30 - 50)
    PlebPvP (10 - 40)
    PlebMC (5 - 15)

    dyedye (Current MineSaga Moderator/Ex SpaceRealms Manager/Ex FaithfulMC Moderator)
    Great developer and staff member, worked with me on multiple projects. Don't hesitate to work with him!

    SeanYT (Famous You-tuber)
    Mason has helped DCUinverseMC a lot recently including assisting with fixing a lot of ddos/crashing problems.

    Mv_ (Ex FaithfulMC Administrator)
    Mason is a great developer, Server Owner and staff member. Knows what hes doing and if friendly. Don't hesitate to work with!

    How would you deal with a staff member breaking the rules?:
    I would record the situation as evidence and contact a higher up to deal with said staff member, Aswell as contact a higher up if I notice suspicious activities. and ask them about the situation and discuss it with them and how I should come above the issue provided. if that isn't a option i will talk to other helpers and ask if they have any suggestions or actions to stop said staff member from abusing.

    How many times should a player be warned before action is taken?:
    Typically one depending on the severity of the situation (According to the rule book.)
    Sometimes the player will need to be verbally warned, for example racist remarks.

    How are you different from other Applicants?:
    Because I can provide more then the average joe. Ideas, Documents, Experience, And hospitality.
    I can provide documents such as ideas players have or staff members have for features.
    As I have mentioned ahead, I have alot of experience moderating/managing and I believe I can provide that experience positively towards the server.
    And I strive to be a overly nice individual but I do understand when its time to man up and be strict and enforce rules, other then that I am just a chill normal guy.

    How do you believe you will benefit Lucky Skyblock as a member of staff?:
    Because I feel like I can benefit the community by helping members in it, As I see a lot of members struggling to complete tasks everyday, And some toxic players mixed in with spammers and some players with overall bad behaviors.
    I would like to be staff for the following reasons: I am very kind, I am very helpful, Rules following, and devotion and dedication.
    I try to be very mature but I also like to have some fun and entertain. or converse. I try to be very kind, and very helpful.
    I try reminding players that are not abiding by the rules to quit and warning them that said action is not allowed on lucky.
    Now for my final reason, my dedication and devotion to minecraft as a whole I am currently devoted all my free time to minecraft, and doing what I can to help the outcome of the Server.
    A few reasons to explain my dedication to lucky as a whole would be, Playtime and working on getting friends to the server, I plan on spending alot of time on this server and inviting friends and co workers to play with me.
    My second reason is reporting players; I would not mind spending a good chunk of my free time sitting around in the server looking out for anybody that is not following the rules, as I do report a lot in the discord and have assisted.
    Not open for further replies.