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    What is your Minecraft Username?: GamingTrollers

    What is your age?: 17

    How long have you been playing on Lucky Skyblock? 3 weeks [I've been apart of the Cyclone community since 2017]

    Have you ever been banned on The Lucky Skyblock? (If so, state all previous bans): NA

    How many hours can you dedicate to moderating per day?:
    Monday: 7am - 1pm [Could differ due to IRL job]
    Tuesday: 7am - 1pm [Could differ due to IRL job]
    Wednesday: 7am - 1pm [Could differ due to IRL job]
    Thursday: 7am - 1pm [Could differ due to IRL job]
    Friday: 7am - 1pm [Could differ due to IRL job]
    Sat/Sun: Unknown

    What timezone are you in? EST

    Do you know the server rules?: Yes / No

    Would you treat your friends differently when enforcing the rules?: Nope, I learnt that when you're staffing on ANY server you can't be favoritism towards anyone. Everyone needs to be treated equally even if you dislike the person.

    How often do you lose your temper? (Frequently, Sometimes, Rarely, Never): Sometimes, Nobody is perfect therefor I will lose my temper every now in then in difficult situations however, I don't lash this temper out publicly. What I do is usually just find something else to calm me down or just take a break for 5 - 10 minutes.

    Do you have any past experience as a staff member? (If so, elaborate):

    - SkyPrime [250+ player SkyBlock Server] [2019] :-

    On Skyprime my rank I earned up to was Manager, I was a Manager for Skyprime going on 3 months before resigning from the server. The reason why I resigned from SkyPrime was because of staff issues / personal issues. The Owner was outstanding however, there was a lot of mistakes I believe that should've never happened. I was a discord developer about over a month ago on the server, left due to toxic behavior with one of the staff members.

    - UniverseMC [300+ OPFactions,Skyblock,KitPVP and Factions server] [2018 - 2019] :-

    For UniverseMC I was only able to make it to Moderator, as a Moderator I did my best on catching hackers, watching chat and making sure ALL Trail-Helpers and Helpers were online and doing what they are meant to do. I soon resigned due to toxic behavior with the Owner, he wasn’t really understanding whenever I found out my mother was in the hospital and I needed to take time off so I was sorta demoted / resigned.

    - MythosPVP [ 50+ players Factions / SkyBlock] [2018 - 2018]

    For MythosPVP I made it all the way to Senior Moderator, as a Senior Mod my main goal was to mentor the staff team and make sure everyone was active / did what they were supposed to on the server. I was in charge of promoting and demoting as well and teaching users how to ‘Screen Share’

    - McWarside[100+ player Faction Server] [2016 - 2017] :-

    On Warside I made my way up to Head-Admin, as a Head-Admin on this server I learnt how to do pex and make outstanding documents formats to keep everything organized. As a Head-Admin I was in charge of running the staff team but also making sure everything was running fine like events,demotions and promotions and thing we had called ‘DOOMS DAY’.

    - ChaosOP [50+ players Factions,Skyblock,Towny and Prison server] [2017 - 2018]

    For ChaosOP I made it up to Manager, as a Manager my main goal was to host meetings,events,take care of staff applications, help with payment options and then finally handle anything related to staff promotions / demotions. I soon resigned of this server due to ownership changed. I didn’t like the Owner Ninja sold the server so I resigned without question. The Owner was way too manipulative to his own staff team and members and I personally just couldn’t be asked with it. My favorite aspect of this server was when Towny had an active player base. It was always fun when it came to towny wars and hosting a lot of giveaways for events! However he sold the server and network so I am unable to provide proof of working here!

    How would you deal with a staff member breaking the rules?:
    - How would I deal with a staff member breaking the rules? Well if its someone newer I would just talk to them in SC and insure then what they are doing isn't the correct way. If it was a staff member thats been here for a while I would gather enough proof as possible and report it to a higher up. As for the newer staff member I would do the same but give explanations to the higher ups on how this staff member could of been 'mistaken' the rules.

    How many times should a player be warned before action is taken?:
    - 1 Verbal Warning, 1 Actual Warning (/warn), then the punishment given to the rule that user broken. The reason why I decided to put two types of warnings down is just due to maybe they couldn't see it the first time or I'm just giving users a second chance before actually doing the correct actions. As for hacking,ddoss threats,any form of harassment I wont be taking that lightly.

    How are you different from other Applicants?:
    - How am I different from any other applicants? Well I want to make this server grows I see a lot of potential with this server, I love playing on Lucky Skyblock and i've been noticing the need of staff in the EST time zone. I really would like to help your staff team but also help the players more. Another thing I would like to mention is that I do have my fair share of staffing on Skyblock / other game modes. So I really do understand what it needed from a staff member to help the players. I can promise you that whenever I am online the players will come first and not my island rank or mobcoin grinders.

    How do you believe you will benefit Lucky Skyblock as a member of staff?:
    - How do I believe I can benefit Lucky Skyblock? Well as stated above, I have a decent amount of staffing experience and have common knowledge already on other skyblock servers to understand the aspect/goal of the game. I also would like to bring up the fact again that there isn't staff members coming online in the EST time zone, there has been multiple incidents were users would publicly shame or spam chat with unnecessary things that I would love to stop. These pictures I posted below were reports made by me on 04/09/19 and a staff member hasn't responded back to them yet,yes these two reports are nothing major but still. To run a server you must have active staff members to help the users. And I can bring that to this server if you give me the chance to.

    Disclaimer:- I am extremely sorry if my wording is a little messed up, I am extremely dyslexic so I can't write very well sometimes. Thanks for understanding and hope you have a lovely day!

    Aslong as you don't be a tryhard staff. I think you would be pretty good. Not that active as I have noticed. But good player.
    Thanks for the feedback! I am mostly active as of now around 1am till 5am EST, so that could be more of the reason why people might not see me online in the mornings / afternoons. However, my irl job shifts do change so I am trying my best to be active in all parts!
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    Thank you very much for applying for the staff here on LuckySB. I'm very glad to announce that I will be delivering great news.

    I have decided to accept your application on becoming staff here on LuckySB. Your next stage will be an interview with myself.

    Please private message me or message me on discord @Banned#7307 a time you will be available so we can do the interview and move from there.

    Thanks again, for applying and I wish you the best of luck with your interview.

    Kind regards,
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