Glowstone Dust in Shop


My island likes to partake in alchemy, but one of our favorite ingredients is glowstone dust!
Sadly, to acquire glowstone dust, we are required to purchase glowstone blocks, and break them manually into glowstone dust!
The /shop should be a way to quickly and conveniently get all the materials you need on the server, and not having glowstone dust undermines this goal.
I think that it would therefore be a good idea to add glowstone dust to the shop. I will now list my argument that I made in sentence form in Standard Argumentation form.

Premise 1 - The /Shop exists to allow players to conveniently buy items
Premise 2 - If /Shop exists to allow players to conveniently buy items, its mission is undermined when certain necessary items are not available to buy
Premise 3 - Glowstone dust is a necessary item and is not available to directly and conveniently buy
Conclusion - If the shop is to complete its mission, to allow players to conveiently buy items, glowstone dust must be directly purchasable

I will now state the argumentative form that this argument takes
P1 - S
P2 - If S then M
P3 if G then not M
C - If S then G

Now to evaluate the logical validity of the syllogism, chatgpt evaluates the structure as such
To determine the validity of the argument, we can examine the logical relationship between the premises and the conclusion. Let's analyze the argument step by step:
P1: S P2: If S, then M P3: If G, then not M
C: If S, then G
To evaluate the validity, we can use a technique called modus tollens, which is a valid logical inference rule. Modus tollens states that if we have a conditional statement "If A, then B" and we know that B is false, we can conclude that A must also be false.
In this case, we can apply modus tollens to premises P2 and P3:
From P2: If S, then M From P3: If G, then not M
Since we know that not M (premise P3), we can conclude that G (the antecedent of premise P3) is true. Thus, we can infer G.
Therefore, the conclusion "If S, then G" (C) is valid based on the premises given.

In conclusion, this forum post has presented a valid argument for why glowstone dust should be added to the /shop. It is up to whoever reads this, whether it be staff or members of the community to evaluate the overall soundness of my argument by evaluating the truth value of the premises. I believe that these premises are true, and look forward to feedback from the community and the eventual adoption of my suggestion.