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Icy's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by TropicalIcy, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Jul 25, 2017
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    Before this starts, just know that while it says I am Mod, this is untrue.

    Username: IcyHex


    Country and Nationality:
    United States and speak English

    Estimated Schedule (when you will be playing):
    Whenever I have free time. During the summer this can be hours every day or not much time at all. There's really no pattern.

    Server Playtime (In Hours):
    30 hours but I have played the past 3-4 seasons on the server frequently.

    Reason(s) for applying:
    I enjoyed my time on this server very much as I love to help people. I miss the community and the server since I resigned and would like to rejoin the staff family.

    Previous Staff Experience:
    I had about 1 year of staff experience here. I was helper for about 6-7 months and Mod for 4-5 months (give or take). I resigned during a really tough time in my life, but am ready to add some more months to those numbers.

    Key Personal Traits:
    I am helpful and social. I am giving and love to help people, especially when no one else will. I am aware of how difficult starting new servers can be (commands, community, etc.) so I would have no problem introducing new players to the server.

    Anything else?:
    Not much more to say, but if you'd like even more info you can see my old application here. Thanks for reading and hope to see you as a helper/mod (preferably mod) soon.
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