In-game ban


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In-game Username:MasterxJew9O
Punishment Received: ban
Why were you Punished: "auto-clicker"
Staff Member that issued the punishment: plugin_dev
Why should your appeal be accepted?
I just started on this server and am very new don't know what he/she means by auto clicker when i was using my keys on the side of my mouse (more comfortable on my fingers with pro-long clicking since I can hold it down with my thumb.) Is it cause I got a gaming mouse and that's why this is a problem? If so i'll just look for a diffrent server as I shouldn't be judged/banned without questioning for haven a good mouse. Would switch to a diffrent mouse but only one i got :/ kinda sad imo.

Mouse Im using

Logitech G502 HERO​

As you can see I have 3 diffrent ways to click so.... witch ones I'm I not allowed to use?


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Hello @MasterxJew9O,

I am not judging you for having a good mouse. I do not even know what mouse you had prior to banning you, so that is not what you are banned for.

However you do say that you have a button that you hold on the side of you mouse to click (Macro / Key Mapping). Holding down a button on the side of your mouse is not allowed since it increases the clicking speed by a lot and gives an advantage. For example, normally average around 10-12 cps - some higher and some lower. However, you were getting 30+ cps by just holding a button down with your finger which is far less effort than clicking.

Appeal Denied

Please feel free to read the rules here (click)


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oof just cause I bought/have a good mouse, well anyways... best of luck with server hope for the best... I can see why it's dead. 4hrs in and 1st time attacking mobs and boom banned. smh dont forsee new members being able to play here with rules like that. Maybe add a page for approved and non-approved mouse's cause I didn't re-map / macro ( my deathstalker k.b. has a macro funtion but it sucks also uses up more of my core processes haven that app process running in background so I close it on boot do to haven a duo core cpu.) That OME for the mouse tho ( like I can click that small button behide wheel to change my wheel speed and CPS [ had it on setting 1/3-low ] ). Not trying to fight the case since its been settled already just suggesting a new rule section for mouse's as the rules seem to be covering auto clicking programs/hacks. Sorry I mistook that rule when I 1st read the rules. Just sucks I didn't get to opportunity to get to play longer then a couple hrs on the server if you know what I mean. Again best of luck with building a community if this is how new members are treated no warning or interactions just straight up insta ban. 1/10 will Not be coming back.