Lucky Skyblock Chapter 2


Hello everyone,

I'm glad to finally announce that the server will be resetting on Saturday the 15th of February at 3:00 PM EST! As you all know last season was our first attempt at a 1.12 server and it was very buggy. This season we have fixed all of the 1.12 issues we know of and have added some things you all have asked for and more...

⚙ Changes
Here are some of the important changes we have made:
  • New spawn & pvp arena
  • Added a help area for new players
  • New shop system and items
  • Improved the donator shop
  • Added custom fishing rewards
  • Reworked kits plugin
  • Reworked daily quests
  • Added bounties
  • Reworked custom enchantments
  • Added global and personal boosters
  • Added condense wands
  • Removed the mining world
  • Reworked auction house
  • Reworked crates
  • Added bosses
  • Improved server store (/buy)
  • Improved lucky blocks and super lucky blocks.
  • Vote party now gives you a random key instead of a package
  • Reworked the titles plugin
  • Improved the discord bot (account unlinking and role syncing)
  • Reworked the coinflip and jackpot
  • Reworked the supply drops
  • And much more...

📝 What will I keep?
One of the most asked questions is what will I keep on reset. Make sure you read this to be completely sure on what you will go into the next map with. Note that, perks from mob coin shop will not be kept.
  • Ranks
  • Perks
  • Kits
  • Island Upgrades
  • Cosmetics
🕒 When is this reset?
The server will be resetting on Saturday the 15th of February at 3:00 PM EST. If you want the time in your timezone, simply search "3 PM EST" in to Google.

I appreciate you all and would like to thank everyone for supporting the server so much! I hope to see you all on and hyped for the reset!


At the moment you're probably shaking while typing on your keyboard, refreshing the page moment by moment waiting for any seek of attention to come rolling in. We get it, you need the attention BADLY. @TruckerMike
I'm not gonna even attempt to read this it looks like you had a stroke from the first sentence. I haven't been on the forums in weeks but 1 time. If you want to argue just pm me on discord 😂 im not gonna flood a forums thread with your nonsense
Can we not on my forums, thanks...


I made an account here to tell you I am not whitelisted and I'm offended.

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