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    Edit: Date changed to August 4th at 3pm due to it not a couple issues.

    Hello everyone,
    It's finally time for another reset on the server! This season is going to have a lot of cool new items and features, plus more to come with updates!

    āš™ļø Changelog
    Some of these changes may not stick around based on your feedback, but here they are:
    • Changed spawn
    • New pvp arena
    • Improved economy
    • Reworked kits plugin
    • Removed missions
    • Balanced gkits
    • Re-added bounties
    • Minions are now rare (Obtainable from store, crates, mobcoins, quests)
    • Added more pet types (Obtainable from store, crates, mobcoins, quests)
    • Removed spawner upgrades
    • Removed zeus, hellforged, vigor custom enchants
    • Reworked auction house
    • Improved crates
    • Improved the mob coin shop
    • Improved server store (/buy)
    • Reworked lucky blocks and super lucky blocks.
    • Removed mob and crop hoppers
    • Vote party now gives you a random key instead of rare
    • Improved hopper speeds
    • Added showcase for donors to show off their rare items
    • Improved server performance overall
    • GKits disabled for first 3 days of reset

    Bosses are one of the most requested features and will finally be making a return this season, but they will be different mobs and have different rewards!

    Mining World
    The mining world will be replacing the mine and the donator mine. This world will have tons of ores, blocks, and monsters (including bosses) that spawn!

    Daily Quests
    Daily quests are a set of quests you can complete daily for quest tokens. Quest tokens can be spent in the quest shop and is another way to get p2w items.

    Battle Pass
    The battle pass is going to replace the old challenges. Every player will be able to complete the free tier of challenges, but unlocking the battle pass will give you the ability to complete more challenges which have better rewards.

    Upgraded Hoppers & Hopper Filter
    Instead of having mob and crop hoppers we have upgraded hoppers! There are 2 types of upgraded hoppers: suction and auto sell. The suction hopper will automatically pickup items in the chunk the hopper is placed in. The auto sell hopper is similar, but instead of picking up the items, it automatically sells them! You will also be able to shift left click any hopper and pick which items it can pickup.

    Sell Chests
    These chests will automatically sell items in their inventory every x amount of seconds.

    šŸ† Island Top Rewards
    Island top rewards will different this season. We are going to be paying out buycraft gift cards every week to the top islands!
    • First Place: $50 (Buycraft)
    • Second Place: $30 (Buycraft)
    • Third Place: $15 (Buycraft)
    1. MobHunterBR
    2. DreyzII
    3. Backk
    If your island won, you will receive a gift card on the day of reset!

    šŸ“ What will I keep?
    One of the most asked questions is what will I keep on reset. Make sure you read this to be completely sure on what you will go into the next map with. Note that, perks from mob coin shop will not be kept.
    • Ranks
    • Perks
    • Kits
    • Pets (from store)
    • Island Upgrade (from store)
    We will also be rolling back some of the purchases made within the last few weeks for all the people that have recently bought things on our store!

    šŸ•’ When is this reset?
    The server will be resetting on Saturday, 3rd of August at 3:00 PM EDT. If you want the time in your timezone, simply search "3 PM EDT" in to Google.

    Saturday, 3rd of August at 3:00 PM EDT

    šŸŽ Giveaway
    In addition to all the changes and new features we will be giving away a couple ranks and some gift cards. CyclonePlays will be streaming shortly after the release and he will be able to give some of the items away! To participate you must be online when server resets to be notified when the give away will take place!

    I appreciate you all and would like to thank everyone for supporting the server! I hope to see you all on and hyped for the reset!

    ā¤ļø Vyzon
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