Official Rules of Lucky Skyblock

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By reading this you are agreeing to following the rules of the server and are aware that breaking any of these rules will result in getting punished in any of the platforms of LuckySB.

Here you will find all the rules that you must follow to play in LuckySB. By not following the rules you will be punished by one of our staff members. We highly recommend taking the time to read the rules as they contain quality information that will come up in the server.

All the decisions by staff are final. If you have any questions on the punishment that was given to you, please file a report in the discord server and we will contact you.

If you feel like a staff member is abusing their title in any platforms of the server, please contact an administrator +

Decisions by administrators do not need proof of why a player has been punished.

We deserve the right to update the rules without notice if it seems necessary.

Administrators are allowed to ban you permanently from the server if you’re causing disruption that may be considered excessive.
You may be removed from the server by an admin if they feel you are harmful to the server.

You are expected to know the rules of the server, there are no buts about this.​

Click the link below to be transferred to the list of modifications that are allowed in the server. If you feel a modification should be added into the list, make a suggestion in the forums/discord.


Click the link below to be transferred to see the punishments from each rule.


These rules will apply to the Forums, Public In-Game & Discord

This is a very enforced rule in the server, if any advertising is done in the server on purpose (including names or IP being legit/fake), the player will be permanently banned.

Unintentional Advertising will be tolerated to a certain extent, this exemption will be for popular servers such as Hypixel.

Advertising Links (Discord, Public Chat & Forums)

Links in chat are fine as long as they don’t advertise another server and do not have anything that can be considered as inappropriate content (Scroll down)

Spam, Chat Flooding and Character Spam
Any sort of spam will be punishable, please be aware of this.

1. Examples of spamming the public chat are posting the same thing over and over.

2. Flooding the chat will also not be tolerated, that is when a player posts in chat back to back creating unnecessary blocks of messages.

Player » Hi
Player » How
Player » Are
Player » You

3. Character Spam is when a player uses more characters than needed in chat

Player » whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

4. Private Message & Payment Spam

This happens when a player spams a message or a payment to another player.

5. Creating Spam

Asking players if they want an item, making people guess a number, or any sort of encouragement of spam will get you punished.

Overuse of Capitalization (IN-GAME)
This is when a player overuses caps in a message. This means that the sentence had more than 3 words in caps.


This is not considered overuse of caps:

Player » HI GUYS
Player » AMAZING

NOTE: rule may be removed once a chat filter is integrated into the server.

Mini Modding (New)
Here is the official definition of Mini Modding:
- When a member acts like a moderator or administrator (staff member) without having the authority to do so.

This is a topic that becomes very complicated with how it is applied on certain occasions. Someone who is mini modding is trying to grab attention through pointing out that a member has broken a rule, or requesting that a staff member should take action publicly, etc.

There is a difference between helping and mini-modding, please be aware that this is a punishable offense.

Excessive Swearing
While swear words are allowed in the server, it is never okay to use vulgar language towards a player. Please be respectful to others and be aware of what you share. There are plenty of young players on the server that we would like for them to experience a friendly environment.

Player and Staff Disrespect
Please be kind to all the players you interact in the server, we strive to keep disrespectful remarks out of the picture. The use of profanity, insults, etc. to harass an individual or a group of players will get you punished.

Harassing Player and Staff
Harassing players and staff members on any platform will be not tolerated.

Toxicity and Inappropriate chat behavior
Arguments or discussions over inappropriate topics must be kept out of the public chat. Toxicity, insults and non-constructive criticism towards anyone in the server will be punishable in all of LuckySB Platforms.

This includes any sensitive subject that could distress a player, for example: Drugs, Racism, Discrimination, Homophobic Remarks, Terrorism, Self-Harm, Religion, Politics, etc.

Please use your initiative when using any of our platforms, we have a younger audience that does not need to be exposed to anything that could be classified as inappropriate.

Inappropriate Content
Posting links and discussing about inappropriate content is prohibited in the server, this includes pornography, racist content, gore, and anything that could distress a player.

Nicknames, Island names, and renamed items must not be inappropriate, or else you will be punished. (If item names are not changed, they will be confiscated)

Inappropriate Buildings are also prohibited, any form of build that could seem as offensive towards players.

Inappropriate Skins and Usernames
If your username and or skin are considered offensive, you will be asked to change it.

This includes nudity skins, usernames with foul and offensive language.

DDoS or Doxing
We will not take lightly any of the above issues in the server, talking about interfering with a player’s connection is prohibited, even if you’re just joking.

If an individual decides to leak personal information about another individual without consent, you will be punished.

Real names (unless already publicly announced in any platform of the server), social media, addresses, etc.
Do not post addresses or numbers even if they’re fake or a joke.

You may only publish information about yourself and nobody else.

You will be permanently blacklisted if threatening the players and or the server.

Suicidal Encouragements
Saying death threats or encouraging someone to hurt themselves will be punished on all platforms on LuckySB.

Even if a player says “KYS” to a friend will not be tolerated.

In Real Life Threats
If an individual is threatening another player or family IRL, they will be punished, and we will be taking this seriously.

Example: Player » I’ll have you swatted | Player » I’ll kill all your family

Scamming in Real Life
Scamming players in any form that involves real money will not be tolerated and will result in being blacklisted.

IRL Trading
You are not allowed to trade anything in game for foreign value. If it doesn’t include LuckySB, it is not allowed to be offered.

I’ll buy your spawners for 10 dollars in PayPal. (Offering trades will also be punishable)
You are allowed to trade in game items in exchange for buycraft items that another user is able to purchase.

Impersonating Player or Staff Members
Impersonating players by the use of nicknames to get them in trouble will get you punished. This also includes pretending to be a staff member and having players to break the rules.

If a player is caught using a staff member’s in-game name as a nickname, they will be punished twice the amount.

Baiting Players
This is when a player provokes others to act out by constantly bugging them without breaking the rules.

If you are seen doing this, you will become a target and players will begin picking on you. This is punishable.

Baiting Staff
This is when a player keeps coming close to breaking less severe chat rules like mild toxicity, spam and being rude to staff with the intention of annoying them.

If you end up wasting staff time by annoying them, taunting or any form that may seem on purpose will get you punished.

False Accusations
If you give any false reports accusing a player or staff, you will be punished. This also includes not providing any evidence of the accusation and creating a disruption in the server.


This happens when a player creates a false statement leading to damage the reputation of that player.

False Evidence
Do not give false evidence if you are reporting an issue, if you’re found guilty you will be punished and your reputation with the community will be impacted.

Forging Evidence
Creating proof that makes a player seem like they are breaking the rules will not be tolerated.

Deleting evidence before or during when you’re being held suspicious will be punishable.

These rules will be specifically for the use of the Server’s Forums.

Post Farming / Bumping
Replying to old threats that are no longer in need of replying to only bump the thread or to boost your messages is not allowed.

Your messages can be reset if found guilty.

Flooding & Off Topic replies
Flooding a thread with multiple replies back to back instead of editing your previous message is not allowed.

If you are going to reply to a thread, make sure you’re doing it with the intention of adding to the topic. Any replies that may drag the thread off topic or may not contribute to the thread is not allowed.

These rules will be enforced specifically in-game.

Scamming in Game
Scamming in game by impersonating items that are not legit will get you punished. Saying you didn’t know will not be an appropriate response.

This includes using the Auction House by putting an item that looks like the real deal but it’s not. (Enchant Boxes)

Island Trapping (Teleport PVP)
TP trapping is when a player is teleported to a location where another player has the intention of killing them. This includes baiting players by offering something in value if a player warps or TPs to a specific location.

Do /is warp player so you can get free items! | tp to me for money

AFK Mining/ Fishing
Any form of fishing or mining while away from the keyboard will be prohibited.

Cheating and Key Mapping
Anything that gives you an advantage over another player will be considered as cheating.

Examples: Auto Clicking, X ray to Mob Aura, etc.

Unfair use of Keybinds (1.15+) (New)
Using the F11 Mechanic provided in 1.15+ to bind your attack key or any other keys to press and hold while grinding mobs or using it to autosell and click shop signs on ANY server is not allowed.

This will be a rule taking effect, substituting as a punishment similar to using a Hacked Client, If caught breaking this rule, punishments will be under the same context as hacking/cheating.

Punishable if caught using keybinds for: Fishing, Mob grinding, Chest selling, Mining, Sign selling, etc.

Alt Abusing
You are allowed to have 4 alternative accounts excluding your main account, if you have an excessive number of alts at the same time after being warned, your alts will be permanently banned. Evading the punishment with more alternative accounts will have your main account be permanently banned too.

Ban Evasion
If you’re banned from LuckySB and you log in with another account while your ban on your main account is still active, you will be punished with twice of the amount from your ban.

Second offense will permanently ban you from the server.

Mute Evasion
If you’re muted from LuckySB and you log in with another account while your mute on your main account is still active, you will be punished with twice the amount from your mute.

Second offense will permanently mute/ban you from the server.

Other Forms of Mute Evasion

Naming items and listing them on /ah, sending messages (including /mail), renaming items, or any other method.

If bugs and issues are found in the server, please inform staff about it. If you are using any sort of bug to your personal or group advantage you will be punished. When testing a bug, have a staff member present to spectate the issue.

Bowing Players from Spawn

Bowing players from spawn is against the rules, if you’re caught doing it you will be banned for exploiting a bug.

Using Fishing Rod in Spawn

The use of a fishing rod to push players to the PVP Warzone is considered an exploit and will get you banned.

The use of accounts that just stand in a place without doing anything will not be allowed. You’re only allowed to use accounts that you can actually move and have access to.

Economy Abuse
There will be times where a flaw could be found in the server giving the individual an advantage with the economy in game. If you find an unfair economic advantage, please report it in the discord by filing a report ticket.

This can include finding an item that sells for more than buying or finding a block that increases your island more than it should.

Insiding Islands/Griefing
This happens when a player joins an island and takes all of the belongings of the island’s owner. This is punishable if proof can be provided of the player taking your items.

We will try to recover your items, although this is not a guarantee.

Use of Scripts
Scripts that automatically run commands, talk in chat, move around, and give an unfair advantage are prohibited.

Use of mods that give you an advantage on building or any form of auto clicking, auto selling or auto texting is prohibited.

Use of Schematica
Schematica is allowed on the server as long as you’re not using Printer.

· No Cobble Monstering and/or Oceaning (Temp Ban)

· No Lag Machines

· Purposefully creating lag (dropping significant amount of entities in a small area)

· Inappropriate Island Name

· Alt Islands (1 main, 1 alt)

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