Resolved player report on snqwzy and branboyo

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Your In-Game Username: Archerjj
In-Game Username of player being Reported: snqwzy
What did the reported player do: they are extremely toxic
Evidence: i don't have the evidence on my computer but it is on my phone staff msg me on discord for evidence i will put username at bottom of report don't let me take screen shots but ik I'm not the first report aboght this but when snqwzy got on today they were being extremely rude to me and my friend mochaair saying we are rally bad and that we will never pass them is is top and that the only good person in our island is cowboynic20 and they hate everyone else i know I'm not the best person to be reporting someone for toxicity because I'm not the nicest person in the world my self wile i am working to being less toxic i fell snqwzy is becoming more toxic thank you for your time in reading this i hope this helps action get done and make the lucky sb community less toxic my discord is HydroArcher#0921
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-1 this report looks to me like you're basically saying "i dont have any proof but please believe me" just sounds like you dont like them and you want them punished


-1, You guys were both being toxic towards us, you in fact started the whole argument yourselves by sending provocative messages to me and stuff so L


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I agree and believe that Snqwzy is super toxic.
I don't know what your proof this time but there is alot of proof of him being toxic (There is a full reoprt about him and his friend Basepair22)


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-1 There is no proof for them being toxic, they are just wanting to play the game and then you guys just come along and be toxic to them which is mean.


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You admitted to me you wanted to try and get Snqwzy perm muted, the " ik I'm not the first report aboght this", sounds like another attempt at doing so without sufficient evidence of his 'toxicity' [have screenshots]. A lot of these accusations do not even fit the criteria of toxicity like saying someone isn't going to beat them on is top. Bran is not mentioned in your written report at all despite her being the second party you're 'reporting'.
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