Suggestions for the server

Wow, it has been a while since I made an actual thread eh? I would think so, but let's move to my important discussion. Every day, at least once, and yes I do not need to do this, but I do it anywho, I will go on the server and just check on how things are and see if there is any progress on players or updates. I have come to 2 conclusions, or ideas really, as regarding players and updates. There have been 0 updates since the start of the season, that being 5 months ago, and there has been an increase in players, but mind you that half of the demographic is just alt accounts, as I am sure everyone knows. Now, I am sure you all know by now that I am a very open-minded individual, so I will cut the chattering and just lay out my suggestions here and now.
Grabbing more players attention
- I suggest having more developers that you could possibly hire, in order to have more updates. Now, I don't know if you actually pay them, but if you do or don't it doesn't matter much. If we had more developers, it would mean more updates or more items into the server, thus attraction older and new players into the server, and with new players comes some chedda cheese, and by that I mean money.
- I also suggest, if this doesn't work, that a youtuber be hired and have a little series for LSB, as people will want to see the youtuber (atleast I hope so), and it would attract more players to join.
Updates and staff
- I suggest updates be made at least every month, regardless of how small or big they are, just to keep players entertained, that is the purpose of a game after all.
- In terms of staff, I believe there needs to be some promotions to staff, I say this because not a single one of them has left and the server is practically digging its own grave, so they definitely deserve to be credited.
More specifics into updates
-I suggest, since the name of the server IS lucky skyblock, that a whole system change be added. In this change, you would have to be dependent on lucky blocks. When I say this, I mean that people can buy lucky blocks from the auction house or market, and try their luck and work their way from there, just to utilize the lucky block name a little bit more.
Thats all suggestions I have, anyone reading this can of course add or change some of my suggestions. You are more than welcome to.
Thanks for reading