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  • Toastie Abuse / Bug

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    At around 11 O'clock I was trying to catch toastie in PVP to get her head, after a few attempts of her getting away I finally caught her in PVP hit her 2-3 times before she went /is go

    now, this wouldn't be an issue if she had corrected her mistake. But the abuse from toastie and the constant negative mob mentality that surrounds her consisting of her friend group is toxic and unhealthy for the server. Keeping on with the topic of Server health I would like to say I really like the server and have chosen to donate to it many times over the years and in all the years of playing within the Vyzon IP I have personally never witnessed a more blatant Disrespect of the server in a whole. Speaking from experience moderating a Minecraft server makes you the face of the server the front line, what people see when they first join. Watching toastie behave in such a condescending and demeaning way tonight truly saddens me as I try to give what I can to preserve what little amount of childhood fun I have left. following those words of disappointment i would like to (Out of my place) Recommend a few resolutions to this issue

    a simple apology like toastie to admit her wrong doings and continue to help improve the server

    Toastie could resign, coping with a marriage, work, and among other things that happen irl being a mod could be getting stressful for her.

    She 1v1s me and the loser gets permbanned from the server.

    I really hope to find some sort or resolve coming out of this. I really enjoy vyzon and hope to stay a member of it until it is no longer.

    PS: I would lastly like to apologise to the community for the way I presented myself it was immature and disrespectful.

    Thankyou - Symmetry


    Moderation Team
    Aight well im going to tell you know That its Impossible for a mod to do /is if they were in combat.
    and i had already finished typing /is go as you hit me so it gave me combat as i was on my island the timing was just bad for you and you of all people cant talk with all the hacking you have been doing to everyone and dont deny it everyone knows you hack and the way you have been threatening people and spamming chat clearly shows you are asking to be banned and thats not my fault you are disrespectful and i believe you are muted by 2 staff members today for disrespecting players. Also not married
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