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  • Denied UnknownSymmetry Staff Application

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    What is your Minecraft Username?: UnknownSymmetry

    What is your age?: 17

    How long have you been playing on Lucky Skyblock? I’ve played on luckysb for a week or so but I have been involved in Vyzon/GammaMC servers since their release. – I thought that was relevant because I connect using Vyzon.net IP.

    Have you ever been banned on The Lucky Skyblock? (If so, state all previous bans): No

    How many hours can you dedicate to moderating per day?: 4-5 hours a day

    What timezone are you in? Pacific Standard

    Do you know the server rules?: Yes

    Would you treat your friends differently when enforcing the rules?: No if you break the rules you should be punished no matter the relation to a staff member.

    How often do you lose your temper? (Frequently, Sometimes, Rarely, Never): Rarely obviously everybody can become upset, but I have the tools to remove myself from a situation before it would escalate to that.

    Do you have any experience as a staff member? (If so, elaborate): Past staff experience – would be mod on a few servers nothing special. And I have been a Dev on Crimson realms. Nothing huge but I have done some management IRL and have to skills to work on a team.

    How would you deal with a staff member breaking the rules?: My past experience when working on a staff team is to either confront them and try to find a resolve to the issue, or if that does not seem viable to contact a staff member with higher authority to deal with the situation. Getting involved trying to police your peer/co-workers is a nightmare and should not be done.

    How many times should a player be warned before action is taken?: Once, and I’m saying that because I can assume by the way I have seen chat on the server everyone is able to comprehend the meaning of stop.

    How are you different from other Applicants?: I would like to think I have more real world experience and that would help translate into some mature skills I could use on the server. So, I would say I’m more mature then other applicants. And that would give me an advantage in dealing with certain situations in a sometimes toxic environment.

    How do you believe you will benefit Lucky Skyblock as a member of staff?: I believe that I could bring leadership to the team I really enjoy helping out with the community and as it is summer I have a bit more free time then normal and I would like to spend it helping to improve an already great community. Might that be helping with building projects or just interacting on a day to day basis with the player base I could see my self doing it well and often.

    I hope to hear from the staff team soon - Symmetry


    First of all, I would like to thank you for applying for staff for LuckySB. However, sadly I don't bring great news.

    I am going to decline your application here for LuckySB. One for immaturity within on the server and also for the lack of punctuation/spelling.

    Again, thank you for applying for LuckySB.

    Kind regards,
    Not open for further replies.