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  • Denied UV_Symmetry - Application for helper position on LuckySB

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    After reading thoroughly on what @DirtyCupcake and @Scamss stated i'll be changing my review of this applicant, As I stated before everyone has there ups and down in life but everything that I got filled into and basically all your actions I've am able to see isn't really 'mature'. Dirty is currently a staff member on here therefor if you do get 'accepted' then you'll have to partake in activity's / staff duty's with the whole team. I really can't see things working out on your end due to this hatred with Dirty currently. I don't really understand what she did to you nor do I really want to understand but from what I am seeing it, the only way for you to come to the team is if you and Dirty could get along. As for the bug issue, I would suggest on sending it over to @Banned since he is our new Staff / Community Manager. As for giving me back my items, I didn't want the 64 blazes nor the 98mill for the replacement. I only wanted my 16 Blazes after saying it multiple times during your semi outburst. I really suggest on working on everything and maybe applying in the future once you can sorta start getting along with both me and Dirty. Again, Thanks for applying and I wish you the best of luck!

    - Gaming / Sketchy
    Dear DirtyCupcake, it is no secret I dislike you. It shouldn't be. I don't have to like you, however I have to follow the rules that you enforce. This will be done. But when you ask me why I dislike you. And I provide you with reasons why. It seems ridiculous to be upset about them. GamingTrollers received 64 blaze spawners and 98 mill. She chose to give that back however, 64 Blaze Spawners far surpasses the amount she joined the island with. I have known about said "Glitch" since the 3 week and haven't used it. So it is not unfair for me to have knowledge. I chose to not show dwer as he shares plenty with scamss. and we all know scamss does what he wants. Telling the player to check their weed was not a threat. I was merely telling someone to be cautious of what the consume while smoking. As for being sarcastic, I am not being sarcastic. I will restate what I said previously. I will state how I see you. That is not rude, It is honest, Something I think everyone can work on. While you say I hold a grudge, i would have to agree. You said extremely rude things and were apart so many things that happened to me while playing the server. To talk about maturity with a 17 year old whilst being 27 seems a bit out of left field. You are not my mother and you don't get to tell me how I should act. You are 27 attempting to belittle a 17 year old on a internet block game. Speaking about how I should online when things are going on in my real life is also not your place. I work two jobs and go to school everyday, in order to support my family. You have no clue what I have gone through or what I am going through. You do not seem to understand that if I wanted to ruin the server I could. If I wanted to do bad things to people on the server I could. I don't, I really enjoy playing. But when someone such as yourself. A 27 year old woman with no experience interacting with youth chooses to tell me how to act. I will get a little angry. I have done more in my life so far then you will ever do. Please note this as an un-sarcastic 100% factual statement. I understand if I am punished for speaking the truth. I mean what I say and will stand by that. I wont apologies for how I acted. I am my 100% authentic self. If you do not like that I kindly invite you to not interact with me. Have a wonderful day

    even if you have issues irl, dont bring them over to luckysb, it just ruins the mood of everything. my dad recently got diagnosed with cancer but i dont use it as a reason to get toxic or immature,


    First of all, thanks for applying. However, I don't bring great news.

    I have decided to decline your application, the reason being is that you haven't waited 2 weeks before your last applications.

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