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So this is basically a part 2 to my previous post regarding the current server issues, if you have not seen/read it yet please do here.

From what I have seen in the past few days, I can say that the server has kind of approved, but still doing extremely poor. Example, Vyzon is now back to fis a lot of issues like the Chat FIlter and Mob Hoppers, he has fixed the mob hoppers so they actually work, but even though they work, they are extremely slow.

I have previously mentioned on the Flying Machines, which I have now been told that even last season it was not allowed, however nobody had known of this offense since it was not stated in the rules nor was it announced. If most people had flying machines as their source of income on the server, I and others would expect an announcement or other such related methods of getting the rule across to everyone. However, there was not.

Now, there is a new issue regarding Melon Farms. each melon would sell for $20, and melon blocks will give at least 3 melons per block. So since Flying Machines were bannable, everyone moved to the next best thing, which were melons. They were mostly lag free, there only lag would be client side, losing fps like how huge cactus farms would take up your frames. However, nobody had known that $20 was the wrong price. It did seem absurd how cheap and effective the farms were, but there was nothing said about melon farms needing a nerf. Even staff like Plugin_Developer and Juscky were using this method for money. I would say about today, there was a nerf changing the melon price from $20 to $8, this nerf had severely reduced people's farms income. My personal farm that my island mates and I had spent most of our time adding in layers earning more money ever since Flying Machines got banned, we had felt proud that we managed to reach over 900K every 10 minutes. Now we are making around 330K every 10 minutes. For those of you who do not know how insane that difference is, here is a reference.

In 1 day, afking for a whole 24 hours earning 900K every 10 minutes would earn you around 129.6M. (If my math is wrong I apologise.)
Now in 1 day, afking 24 hours earning 330K every 10 minutes would earn you around 47.52M. (Again if my math is wrong I apologise.)

This would lose me 82MIL everyday, just because the Higher Ups had decided not to change the sell price of melons. Again, just like the Flying Machine. If this was changed ON RESET DAY, this would have been okay. But this is 1 week after reset. and also after people had lost their Flying Machines. Please stop making these kinds of sudden changes which results in extremely loss. The server has lost many players already. 42 players (and i guarantee half are alts) a week after reset. This is why the server is losing members. The higher ups do these stupid changes that makes people lose their farms TWICE, they have no more motivation to quit. I right now feel that if I were to make example a sugar cane farm, and make lets say 5 chunks of it. I have a strong feeling that there would be a new piston limit, breaking my farm for the 3rd time. If that were to happen, everyone would quit.

Please actually do something on this issue, many people have already quit. Just reply or something so other players and I know for certain that at least something is being worked on for the server to be greater. Many people are still extremely upset over not having their world edit permissions, many people like me are debating on quitting the server, as there is no point in grinding as our farms will just get nerfed or banned.


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Thank you for reporting these potential issues on this and your previous thread. I'll relay these to vyzon and we will look into what you've said. We'll be careful to make sure any changes made will be announced to players.

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