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Hello lucky skyblock community members. In this thread, I am going to cover about 3-5 topics or really whatever comes to mind while typing this thread out. From the beginning of this season, starting on June 7th, to the now, October 22nd, that is exactly 137 days since the beginning of this season. We have seen little updates, and I will call it out for what it is. I as a player, would ask to all staff, whether you be a helper or a mod or upper management, you can all do something about this. There are several solutions that are not being taken, why? I have no clue. Staff say they are doing this, what I am looking for as a player and many others probably is not efforts, but accomplishments. I do not care if you are a player and you downvote this, I do not care at all, this message is directed to the staff of LSB. We went from being a great active server to a server with a dead chat, a dead discord, cancelled events, decline in the amount of players that play, and not a lot of staff on the server. It is not up to the players to help the staff and tell them what to do, its their job. So what I am asking is, that staff, please don't try, but do, do everything you can to get the server backs on its feet. Vyzon, I know you are reading this, and I would like to address this to you as well. As you are currently the owner of LSB, it is expected to have a reset for sb, which is most likely soon. You gave up on this season with minor changes, and I still have a bug that is not fixed that I asked to be fixed 3 months ago. This is not a difficult task to do at all. I am not bashing you, and I am not trying to be condescending, but as an owner, especially on a large server, you have responsibilities. The player base declined from this season and next season you invested so much time into, but people this season will think," Oh lord it will be just as terrible as this one." The reason I still play and many others is because of the community. We have lovely people here regardless of our opinions and I feel like we feed you the money, and all you give us is like a single pea on a plate, disappointment. I ask of you, please try to make the server better, so we can have a meaningful cause to spend our money on. Players, you may think that the staff already do enough and they cannot do anymore, but how do you know that, if you are not staff? I know it, because I know 2 things. 1, we are not gaining new players and 2. there is a decline in players. There is something flawed with this and I just ask staff, I believe you can do it, what is stopping you? Thank you, please staff try to put more effort into the community regardless of the position you hold.


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We are aware of the decline in players however that is expected as with any server when the season is coming to an end. I can assure you that the new season is coming very soon, and the other issues you've brought up such as lack of updates this season was a missed opportunity and that's something we hope to resolve for the next season with frequent additions based on community suggestions.

As for the lack of staff, this is realistically due to the fact there is a lack of applicants with the qualities we are looking for. With the reset, there will be an influx of new players and we hope to build the staff-team back up around this.

If you would like to discuss any more of the points you made in this thread feel free to reach out to me in private via Discord.

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