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  • Denied Xyss's Staff appeal


    New member
    What is your Minecraft Username?:

    What is your age?:

    How long have you been playing on Lucky Skyblock?
    About 3 months

    Have you ever been banned on The Lucky Skyblock? (If so, state all previous bans):

    How many hours can you dedicate to moderating per day?:
    Depends on the day but around 3/4 hours.

    What timezone are you in?
    UTC +1

    Do you know the server rules?:
    Yes i do

    Would you treat your friends differently when enforcing the rules?:
    No, friends and normal players are the same.

    How often do you lose your temper? (Frequently, Sometimes, Rarely, Never):
    Very rarely.

    Do you have any past experience as a staff member? (If so, elaborate):
    Yes, I have been Moderator/Admin on other servers, Stopped it because of time issues and family issues. Now that's all done and i want to help this server.

    How would you deal with a staff member breaking the rules?:
    I would tell him that he's breaking the rules, Then if he asks me to help him or he does it again. I'd tell a higher staff member.

    How many times should a player be warned before action is taken?:
    1 warning should be enough to let someone stop if this isn't the case 1 more warning and otherwise i'd give an applicable penalty

    How are you different from other Applicants?:
    Being staff on other servers aswell and having good results, also i've seen everything a normal player would've seen. Not in just this server or on minecraft but also in real life. I can adjust to the situation really good and help them at that exact moment.

    How do you believe you will benefit Lucky Skyblock as a member of staff?: Talking to the players and getting to know what they think. Then do something about it. Like talking to mod's etc.
    Hello @Xyss, You messed up on the title it should [USERNAME] Staff Application, I would suggest on adding more detail to the main questions but besides that you're pretty active and a decent player! I wish you the best of luck!


    Thank you for applying here at LuckySB. Sadly, I don't bring great news.

    I have decided to decline your application for LuckySB. The reason being your application lacks a lot of detail. Which shows me that you could lack the effort to be staff here on LuckySB.

    Thanks again for applying.

    Kind regards,